Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Friday Feelings

Sooo, I have lots of feelings lol
These are them:
          I hate gathering
  • Gathering is like the most annoying technique... and it's ugly. I don't like gathered skirts because I will look like an upside umbrella...I don't like it!
Pleats, i love.
  • So pretty. So feminine. So versatile :-)
I don't like when sewing takes a long time
  • It'll be like the simplest techniques but the garment has so many daggon pieces! Like, hurry up and be done already! Why am I still sewing you?! 
I miss dancing
  • I've pretty much dedicated all of my free time to sewing and I haven't danced in MONTHS. And It's making me sad.... well, i danced at Carnaval in Panama but i'm not counting that obviously lol
I'm going to give sew-alongs a break...
  • I think trying to be in EVERYONE'S sew-a-long is wearing me down.  I can't sew up 5 pieces in one night. 1) I'm slow lol .. 2) I don't have that much time in the week.  I'm gonna chill on all the joint sewing ventures (except for probably the TMS) and sew things that I KNOW i'm going to wear, and things that I WANT to wear....Not things that other people have chosen and want to wear lol
I really don't like gathering
  • Did I say that??  I think that I'd like a gathered side on a dress or something but I don't like doing it.... Does someone know of an uber-easy way to to do it because I'm not feeling it....
I wish I had a dedicated sewing space
  • Right now my sewing space is the dining room.  Everything is in there. And I know it's driving my mother crazy lol.  And it's pretty inconvenient. I cut on the floor. Pin on the table. .. shoot, lay EVERYTHING on the table lol. It's just not... yea.
I can't stop buying patterns
  • I want all of the ones I want. does that make sense?  Like, what if I need to make something like that? What if I don't get it now and it goes OOP?? I just need it just in case. JUST IN CASE. I'm sure I have over 100 patterns and I have sewn 10 or less things using patterns. lol and two garments came from the same pattern loool. I just need them, okay!
People want me to sew for them and I'm not ready
  • I don't like that people assume that just because I've sewn like 5 or 6 things that I can make their wardrobe.  I can't even get through an entire garment without make a huge mistake on my OWN things. I would NEVER give anyone some of the things I make.  [I] don't mind wearing them because noone will notice the mistakes.... OTHER people wearing them would DEF notice and that's not cutie. I would want anything I give to someone else be of a certain standard.  I have sooooo much more to learn so I wish people would stop asking.  I like sewing for other people when I WANT to. This is a HOBBY for me, not a job, and I want to enjoy it on MY terms.
I've somehow lost the ORIGINAL purpose of this blog.
  • With all of the sew-a-longs and endless supply of patterns, I've completely abandoned the reason I started this blog in the first place. And that there is going to change.  I am going to pledge to do at LEAST one reconstruction a month. I have bags and bags of clothes that I just let sit on the sideline but I'm bout to put them back in the game. lol

Tis all... I'm not going to proofread this or anything so I apologize for any mistakes :-)

xoxo, Tasha

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  1. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Totally understand wanting to sew on your own terms, sometimes sewing for others takes all the fun out of it.

    Here's a little gathering tip...If you hold your finger at the back of the foot as you do your basting stitch, the fabric will start to pucker and gather as you stitch, and give you a head start on your gathering.


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