Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mad Men Dress Challenge 3 - NL6243

*wipes sweat*
I made it!
I thought I was going to miss it!
This is my entry into the Mad Men Dress Challenge Numero Tres :-)
Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III
I was inspired by Peggy's smize paired with this fancy number:

How did I do? lol

This dress is New Look 6243 View A and the peter pan collar is stolen from Vogue 8900.
I cut the 12 in both patterns.
I made the collar detachable because it isn't really my style and I probably wouldn't wear this dress with it in real life.

BUT if one day I had some jolting urge to have a cobalt blue peter pan collar go with an outfit, then it is available lol.

I got the fabric from different places.
The fabric for the bodice I got from a fabric shop in Panama. I don't know what material it is.
It looks EXACTLY like the material I used for the skirt portion but it is not lol
The fabric I got from panama has stretch to it and the skirt material is a Poplin that I picked up at G Street Fabrics.
The leopard sheer I got from Hancock Fabrics on clearance.
I got the lining from G Street Fabrics as well.

I finally realized what so many people who use indie patterns are saying about Big4 directions.
Alot of the time it took me to make this dress was taken up by me reading and re-reading and RE-reading the directions because some were missing!!
I was so in shock lol

The rest of the time i was ripping seams and stitches -___-

I LITERALLY ripped out my zipper 5 times because of ..... reasons.
and the last time I ripped it out is because i ripped the zipper tape and it was fraying and the zipper got stuck.

It wouldn't move up OR down from the middle
-_______________- lol
I ended up having to find another zipper in my stash.. it's black though.
I only had one blue that color and i got it from Panama sooo .... yea lol
But I learned an extremely easy way to put in invisible zippers before I started using actual patterns but it completely slipped my mind. I was so busy trying to figure out what I was missing from the instructions, I wasn't using the skills I already learned lol

sn: when pattern directions tell me to baste anything down, I'm all like
and then i bond with the seam ripper lol

I invested in an invisible zipper foot and no more awkward peeping tom zipper!
i need to steam those bindings down :-\
This dress wasn't uber hard to make, it was just the zipper that kept putting me on pause.

Speaking of seams, check out the side seam love-making thooo!

Look at the pretty insides :-D
I serged the side seams and the zipper seam cuz all of a sudden the poplin and the lining wanted to fray all crazy all wild.

And the hand-sewing!
I do not like it lol
I had to slip stitch the lining, the arm and neck bindings, hand sew the bow knot, the clasps, the buttons.... so many hand employments lol

I guess once I figure out how to properly sew by hand then it won't bother me as much lol

The dress is so cutesy :-)
I'll probably make another one and wear it for some arbitrary holiday.

Things I've learned
1. How to add a lining
This is the first pattern that I have used that called for lining and it is not as confusing as i thought it would be.  I will be attempting to add lining in some things that don't call for it in the future.
2. How to add bias binding
Totally freaked out by it lol but I just enrolled in a Craftsy class that should definitely give me some great tips on how to make binding easier.
Any way!
That's all I gotsta say.

xoxo, Tasha
this is my favorite pic out of the whole shoot and idk why lool


  1. Surviving the "zipper wars" definitely makes you stronger :-) the dress is really cute, the Peter Pan collar maybe a bit redundant for my taste ( with the bow and all) but that is just personal taste. Ciao

    1. i'm with you on the redundancy lol there is a lot going on already lol

  2. Gorgeous colour on you. Ha! Laughed at Sasha's comment on 'zipper wars'! How very true. Once you get used to them though it's ahrd to go back to the look of a lapped zipper. Love your little details on this dress and especially your bow. Great job.

    1. I don't even know how to do a lapped zipper lol smh. i want to learn though!

      and thank you :-)

  3. Wowza! You look great. The dress is fun and flirty -- love the removable collar.

  4. "...reasons."


    ya made it! i love that print with the blue--and TOTALLY different look without the collar. i used to hate handsewing too, but now i have some swank needles that make it better. makes all the difference!

  5. Anonymous4/02/2014

    Adding a zipper has always been my nemesis. I will hand baste them in, looks great, sew it in, looks like crap, rip and repeat, and repeat. Yeah.. you get the picture. The dress is well worth the zipper trouble and all of that hand stitching. It looks fantastic. And what a great idea to make a detachable collar. Perhaps a future blog post on making one of those.

    1. thank you! and maybe I will share how i made it :-)

  6. Ummmm so when are you going to take this hobby and make it professional??? This dress looks awesome on you and I love that the collar is detachable! Great Job Tasha!

    1. Thank you! And i think i'll have to wait until i can get through a garment withOUT major mistakes lool


  8. That dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that deserved all those exclamation points. LOL I also love your hair.

    1. LOOL thank you! I love your hair as well! sister locs??

  9. Im glad its not just me that has this problem with a new look pattern! but moreover - this dress looks awesomeeeee :-)

    1. Is it all of the new looks? this is my first one... and thank you :-)

  10. Oh, I think you look so cute with the collar! It breaks up the leopard so nicely. great work!

  11. Fab, leopard with colbalt is so much fun! Great job persevering through that pesky zip and rip rut.

    1. Thanks melody! and I lovvvee your challenge dresses! they're so spot on!!

  12. Wow, your version could almost be a blue dupe for the original. Great job!

  13. I know why you like that picture--you look adorable in the dress! I personally love invisible zippers. I was taught by my grandmother many, many years ago to ignore the zipper instructions in the pattern and use the one that comes with the zipper. Whenever I try to use the pattern instructions for zipper insertion, I have trouble. I do like those with Jalie though.

    1. I actually have an email that i sent to myself with a bunch of links to different sewing techniques with the subject "Don't follow pattern instructions" loool

      and thank you!

  14. your dress is amazing! i really love the combinations of fabrics you used! and the peter pan collar looks real cute on you, maybe you can give it a go every now and then :)

    1. Thank you!
      I'm definitely thinking about wearing it with some simple outfits to give them a little something extra... i might make a printed one as well :-)

  15. I think I actually have that pattern in my collection, but I never ended up sewing it. You have made me totally want to sew it after seeing how great yours is. I love the detachable collar!

  16. wow, what an amazing dress! Loe the peter pan collar :)

  17. Oooh I love this! The color is so perfect on you, and I love that detachable collar.
    I totally feel your pain. My seam ripper and I are on a first name basis.
    Especially when there are zippers.
    Oh and handsewing?? Let's just say that we don't know eachother at all. LOL
    Beautifully done.

  18. I love this dress! You look fabulous in blue. Sounds like you had a really great experience and learned a ton. Well done. I can't stand Big 4 directions either. I usually find a youtube video or just do what makes sense because they don't make any sense. Lol.

    1. Yea, the directions add sooo much time to my sewing time.

  19. Wow! You persevered much longer that I would of...and just look at you! Thanks for sewing along with Challenge Create, too!


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