Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sexy Sew-A-Long Challenge Reveal - Kwik Sew 3608

o0o0o0h la la

This is my entry for the Sew Sexy Sew Along.

I'm a day late but I still got my dollar! 
(LOL do you get it?! *slaps knee*)

I used Kwik Sew 3608 as the base of my dress.

I wanted the end of the dress to end 19" inches from hip so I added that... from the hip lol

I had to do the additions on the front pattern piece, the under bust lining and the back panty pattern pieces.

I originally cut the Large of the pattern but I DON'T KNOW WHY because my size CLEARLY falls into the Medium range in bust, waist AND hip.
That has actually happened to me before so i just assume that it's the Lord trying to preserve some part of my modesty lol

So I cut the seams of the dress down to a medium but left all of the curves a large because I had already cut off the medium pattern lines.

The fabric is black spandex i'm sure I got from Hancock Fabrics.
I only had 1-1/4 yard of it so I had to get really creative with cutting the pattern pieces because everything was supposed to be cut on the fold.
please excuse the spot on my lens that i removed from some pics and not others.

So instead of putting selvage edges together, I folded just as wide as the pattern piece, cut it out, then refolded just wide enough for the next pattern piece and so on. I hope that makes sense.

I bought this beautiful lace in Panama.
I used it on the cutout,

I just pinned it to the elastic around the cutout (with the dress on, to make sure it would lay relatively flat) and hand stitched it in place.
It's still loose, though, because the lace is not stretchy so i needed to be able to move in it.
That's one of the things that annoys me the most i think. That it doesn't lay completely flat against my skin.

You can still see my tan from panama too lol holding on strong.
should I post some of the pics i took there? Let me know if you wanna see :-)

I was originally going to cut a strip of the lace and attach it to the hem but then I realized that doing that would restrict my being able to walk anywhere and I'm lazy. . .
I also didn't hem the dress for that same reason but honestly noone would be the wiser. It looks fine unhemmed.
i promise the dress is not this crooked looking in real life lol i was trying to readjust myself

I serged the front, the bust lining, lining and the back piece together at the same time which enclosed the seams perfectly!

I will probably use the built-in bra on everything that is backless lol
This spandex on spandex wasn't the BEST support for my chitties but i think with a thicker fabric and some shoulder seams, it would do much good.
I hate not being able to wear a lot of styles I like because my chest can't go unsupported.
If/when I use it again, hopefully I'll be able to rave about it.

I hated working with the elastic.
Maybe because there was so MUCH of it.
And I didn't like that they made the "scrunch" all in the front and the back is perfectly flat.
I would have liked it opposite.

I'm such a mess.
When I finished the dress, I looked at my cousin immediately and said "I don't like it".
Then i added my lipstick and I was like " hmmm. it's kinda alright"
Then I added my jewelry and I was like "Oooh this is cute!"
She explained to me the dress is kind of plain and I just had to accessorize it up lol
Now I love it!
I dont know where I'm GOING in it (nowhere), but I really like it.

Let me know what you think!

See you in the next post!
comment & stuff! *pops gum*

xoxo, Tasha
This is only here because my edges look really good :-)


  1. its a great idea! I think color blocking would work well to! fun!

    1. Try it! That would be a cute swimsuit!

  2. Great idea!! Everything looks good on you. I love it!!!

  3. Mmm mmm mmm, look at you miss hot thang! This dress really highlights your wonderful silhouette! Great job Tasha! And about posting photos from your trip to Panema... Do you really have to ask haha. Share away :)

    1. I'm going to come up with something :-)

  4. Victoria's Secret Sells Wonderful Strapless Bras. One Version Fastens In The Back, The Other Adheres To Your Skin On The Side.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! My bust is a little too heavy for those lol

  5. Love the backless look and lace! Pinned:) Your banner art is super cute!!!!!

  6. Wow, great job! You look great!

  7. How fun - and definitely sexy! I love that you started with a bathing suit pattern and turned it into a dress, that is so creative.

    1. thank you! hopefully in the future I can get creative with all of my designs!


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