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PS "Leading Ladies" & TMS "Sew Stretchy" - Vogue 8825

This is my entry for

Yes, yes, I know. I haven't even put up the April Challenge yet.
it's coming lol

This is Vogue 8825 the dress view.

The fabric is a silky-feeling knit from JoAnn's.
I always forget to read the name of the fabrics I get from there.

This style of dress reminds me of Phylicia Rashad;
 leading lady in "The Cosby Show" as well as in the movie "Steel Magnolias"

Everytime I think of her, the words classy, confident, and beautiful come to mind.
I feel all of those things in this dress

I decided I wanted to make this dress up on my serger because everyone is always talking about how easy it is to sew knits that way.
I was confused, though, at how people were getting 5/8" SAs that way because when I tested it out, with the knife, the SA is only like 3/8".
I google for answers and what not but couldn't find anything.

Once I was informed that the lines on the looper cover of my serger (Brother 1034D) were SA indicators, I just serged over the serged seams another quarter of an inch.

I cut a 12 in the bodice and sleeves and cut a 10 for the skirt.

I also (obviously) didn't sew the whole sleeve.
I cut at the "lenghten/shorten" line.

Since spring is here, I wasn't planning on wearing long sleeves.
And my girl, Phylicia, is rocking something similar in these pics:

Debbie Allen & Phylicia Rashad

Mrs. Phylicia

I finished the hems on the serger before folding them under.

Oh! I broke one of my serger needles making this because I missed a pin while it was going through the knife and I thought that the pin just got cut off and that was it.

Apparently the needle hit the bottom of the pin and the tip broke off of it.
So the entire right side of my dress (front and back) has a holes along the seam.
Luckily, the ties cover it up but that kinda sucked.

It was pretty much an easy sew, aside from the annoying time I spent on the pleats.
I'm a beginner so everything takes me forever.
darts, pleats, all that...
I think most of the trouble comes from trying to find the best way to mark them.
I always figure it out eventually though.

If I made this again, I would probably make it in the fall with a heavier knit and the long sleeves.

Things I've learned
1. How to get 5/8" SA on my serger

That's about all. I really like the dress :-)
It makes me feel really girrrrllyyy.
The shoes help too lol

Tell me what you think!

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See you in the next post!
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xoxo, Tasha


  1. Love this Tasha! Can't believe you're a beginner looks great. So this is a knit? How stretchy is it? Turina

    1. Thank you! and yes, I just started sewing clothes from scratch/patterns in january :-)
      Yes, i don't know the percentage because I forgot to read the bolt, but it feels similar to spandex but not THAT stretchy, if that makes sense lol

  2. Ahhhhh! This dress looks ah-mazing on you! The print and style you chose for the cut = everything came together really well. Love how you're pushing yourself to grow and learn more as a seamstress. Keep it up!

  3. Love it!!! Need to try that pattern!

  4. Hey Tasha, I think this is so chic on you - gorgeous work! Cheers, Sarah :)

    1. Thank you so much :-D I really appreciate it

  5. Your dress is gorgeous. As is the styling: hair, makeup, shoes. Nice!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad everything came together the way I envisioned it :-D

  6. This turned out great Tasha. Specially for a beginner!! You look great in it!! Gives me even more confidence in my sewing adventures!


    1. Thank you! And I'm glad I was able to help you keep pushing! Finishing a project is truly very rewarding :-)

  7. Anonymous5/06/2014

    Great job, beginner or not. I love it, it fits well and I love that you used a serger, I own one and it collects dust.

    1. LOL pop that thing out girl! It makes everything go SOOO much faster! You def won't regret taking the time to figure out how it works! And thank you :-)

  8. This is such a beautiful dress! You do Phylicia Rashad justice (love her!) and I could totally see you two rocking these dresses together ;)

  9. Love this. I have the same pattern and have made this in a lovely olive green for the fall. I like your spring version - LaDonna

    1. Thank you :-) do you have a blog so that I can check it out??

  10. I love this dress :-) although I think I need those shoes in my life :-D

    1. Lool thank you! they're Nine West :-)

  11. Love your dress! The print is so springy. I too want a pair if those fab shoes. Great style!!

  12. Wow! I'm really impressed! Nothing I've sewn has come out quite that nice yet!

  13. Looking at the pattern art, I never would have picked up this pattern, but now that I've seen your version, I love it!

  14. You really look classy, confident, and beautiful! Well done. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays!

  15. This is beautiful! I wanted this pattern a while ago and now, you have bumped it up on my list again. I found you through Project Sewn. :) I blog over at www.theprettypickle.blogspot.com

  16. Wow! It's hard to think you're a beginner. I'd mKe that seam with the holes a tiny bit smaller so you cut the holes off that way. The stretch in the fabric should forgive you for that. Looks awesome.

  17. Grey dress, looks good on you!

  18. OOPS...I meant GREAT!


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