Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Panama Fabric Shopping & Haul

Hello Friends! Back in May, I went to Panama to visit my grandfather for his birthday and while I was there, I did something I told myself I WOULDN'T do... Go back to the fabric stores! I already have a ton of fabric, including lots from previous Panama trips, but I ended up not being able to resist. This time I shopped in Los Pueblos, but interestingly enough I encountered some of the same stores that I've gotten fabric from downtown.

I am going to share photos of the fabrics I picked up here, but if you want to see their movement and guess with me about what to label them (because most of the stores don't label the fabrics) check out my YouTube Video of this haul! I also dive deeper into the vibe of each store in the video!


Textura doesn't have the largest VARIETY of fabrics, but plenty of prints. Also a good amount of linings in this store. They have a few gems here and there and I think I found some. They also have a small selection of trims but lots of snaps, buttons, and ribbons.

Total Spent: $27.78

3 yards @ $1.99/yd

1 yd @ $15.97/yd

Pico Pico

Pico Pico is one I've visited before. I actually made this top out of some fabric I picked up there. This location is much smaller than the one downtown, but they still had some great selections and a variety of fabric types.
They didn't have any trims, but they did have notions like zippers, elastics, etc.

Total Spent: $53.15
2 yds @ $4.95/yd

Crepe Linen - 2 yds @ $4.95/yd

Reversible - 3 yds @ $9.95/yd

Los Tejidos

Los Tejidos is the other store that I had been to before. I made this jacket out of fabric that I got at the Santa Ana location. Both locations are pretty large and I think they have the most variety of fabric at the best pricing. They have LOTS of plain-colored fabric in all kinds of fabric types in the $2-$5 range.

Total Spent: $132.10
Neoprene - 1.5 yds

Crepe - 5 yds

Chiffon - 2 yds

Silk crepe - 4 yds

Challis - 3 yds

Challis - 2 yds

Sequin - 2 yds

Sequin - 2 yds

Telas Invencibles

Out of all the stores, Telas Invencibles has the greatest variety of fabric prints and types AND trims. But with that said, they also have prices closer to what you would see in the States. I felt like a kid in a candy store in this spot lol

Total Spent: $83.61
Reversible Tulle/Chiffon - 2 yds

3 yds - 90 in. wide

Liverpool knit - 2 yds

Silk crepe - 2.5 yds

Faux Fur - 1.75 yds

3 yds

Which one of these fabrics is your favorite? What would you make with your favorite one? Sound off in the comments below!

See you in the next one!



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