Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Panama Bird top | Simplicity 8550

Hello friends! I'm back with another top! I've realized that "cute tops" is where I've been lacking in my wardrobe, really for years now. I had been finding it hard to get dressed and look casual but dressed up at the same time because I could never find a top that wasn't essentially a t-shirt in my closet.

This is Simplicity 8550, View C. I cut the size 12.

The fabric for this top came from Panama. It's like a Rayon Crepe. It feels great and it sewed up really well.

Actually, EVERYTHING used to make this top came from Panama lool. The elastic in the sleeves and shoulders, the buttons, the thread, and the serger thread too; all from Panama!

I didn't make too many modifications. I added some length to the sleeve and I had to grade out to a 14 in the hips so that I could button the last button.

One slip up I noticed while I was sewing this up was that I cut the two fronts upside down LOL so the birds on the front are diving. I don't think anyone notices but it's still a little "forehead slap" moment.

Overall, I really like this top. I feel it really moves me more toward the more chic, adult-ish style I'm trying to cultivate in my wardrobe.

What say you? Yay? Nay? Have you made this top? What were your thoughts?

See you next week!

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