Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fabric Shopping in Panama!

In December I went back to Panama to spend the holidays with my family there! Since 2014, every year that I go, I make sure to do some fabric shopping at some point. This year I happened to VLOG the whole experience!

So sit back, and see what kind of fabric Panama is working with and where you can get the things you like! I have pics below of the things that I bought!

From Sederia Dallas:
Sederia Dallas is mostly a notions store. These are the things that I got from them:

2 colorways of this pretty trim

A pack of pants closures

10 yards of blue and black rope

 I got this flower trim and these 2 packs of buttons as gifts! (forgot to send the buttons though smh lol)

 From El Contendor:
 The only thing I got from this store was this confetti-like fabric! And I bought it as a gift lol

From Casa Fashka:
I got a few yards of this gold corduroy

From Don Chicho:
I got some more pollera fabric and I also got some organza trim as a gift

From Los Tejidos:
I got some of my FAVORITE fabrics!

 This fabric I am not sure how to explain lol but I love the colors and the weight of it!

 Nice quality denim

 Red and black stretch velvet

The most beautiful lace I've ever owned!

From Pico Pico:
I was able to get some REALLY good quality stuff from Pico Pico

This BEAUTIFUL shiny trim. The picture does not do it justice

An ITY knit in some neutral colors

This silky, almost crepe-like fabric with birds on it

Black stretch denim and some camo

Two colorways of some cool printed Mola fabric

I definitely spent WAY above my budget LOL I was only going to use cash, but by the time I had gotten to Los Tejidos, I had to make sure they took credit because I didn't want to leave anything else behind!

Let me know in the comments if you watch the vlog and you see anything you like! Also let me know what you think of the things that I picked up!

And if you are interested in the rest of my trip, I actually vlogged everyday. The playlist for the vlogs is HERE.

Talk to you in the comments, and be back soon!

xoxo, Tasha

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