Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Houndstooth Twist Sweater | McCall's 7975

Hey friends! I'm back with my first finished make of 2020! I actually sewed this up on Christmas night as a gift to myself but I didn't put the finishing touch on it until the first Sunday in Jan lol.

This is McCall's 7975, View B. I cut the medium.

The fabric is a Houndstooth Jacquard Double Knit by Maggy London that I got from Fabric Mart in 2015. This is what was left after I made THIS dress in 2016. Sidenote: You all are going to see a lot of fabric this year that I purchased YEARS ago. I'm starting to fall in love with a lot of the stuff I bought so long ago :-D.

It is very substantial and sews up great. It provides a good amount of warmth. I do think, though, that the fabric MAY be a little too thick for the design. The knot sticks out a lot and I had to tack it down in some places. I still enjoy wearing it though!

This was a very quick sew, and the fabric really does all of the talking. I think I sewed this up in about 3 hours, and I'm a slow sewer.

Full disclosure, I did not realize that the front was all ONE pattern piece. I thought that the top and bottom of the front were two different pieces. My initial plan was to make the BOTTOM of the twist faux leather..... FIRE, RIGHT?! lol but when I cut out the pattern pieces, I got a rude awakening lol And my brain could not do the acrobatics to figure out how to alter the pattern piece at the time.

The only modification I made on this pattern was my normal 1" swayback adjustment.

All in all, I am definitely happy with this make and I'm excited to style it in numerous different ways. How would you style this houndstooth sweater?? Let me know in the comments!

Also, this skirt is handmade as well. It's THIS make from 2015, and it is still in heavy rotation in my closet. It's crazy to see how much better my skill has gotten from 2015, but I still take pride in wearing makes that, if I made today, would not be so proud of.

I'll be back! Doing this new thing where I don't share what I'm working on with the internet lol I always end up jinxing myself and then get disappointed I didn't live up to my publicly-professed plans. Maybe I can call this a New Year's Resolution :-)

Be back soon!


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