Monday, July 27, 2020

30th Birthday Dress! | Butterick 6566

*blows dust*
Well, hello there! Long time, no see. In fact, I haven't been on here since January. So many things have taken place between then and now, and to avoid putting a damper on anyone's mood (mostly mine) let's just ignore it and take a look at this dress I made for my 30th birthday that was this month!

This dress is View D of Butterick 6566 in a size Medium.

Having lost my sew-jo but still wanting to feel nice and special for my birthday, I searched for a pattern that had minimal pieces and no fuss closings. This Butterick pattern is a simple silhouette, but if you use the right fabric it can pack a big punch.

This fabric is a rayon that was gifted to me by Carolyn. It was 5 yards and 45" wide. It was super easy to cut, sew, and hem! I love a fabric that handles well, especially when I'm trying to ease my way back into sewing.

 I made no fit modifications to this dress. No added length for my height and I didn't do my normal swayback adjustment either. The dress hits right at my sweet spot (JUST above the knee) but I definitely could have done the swayback adjustment. I'm not beating myself up over it though. This is not one of those dresses where a poorly fitted back ruins the look. In fact, because of the gathering at the waist, it is intended to blouse a little. Just not THIS much LOL but that's okay.

Apparently, View D of this pattern does not have pockets, although the pattern cover has the illustration's hands in her pockets lol. So I added the pockets to this dress by adding all of the pocket markings from the romper pieces. At this new big age, pockets in my dresses are pretty much a MUST.

I love the off-the-shoulder style in general so this dress is definitely the vibes. I do wish, though, that the flounce was a little.... flouncier? lol The pattern piece is just a rectangle, and if I made this dress again, I would make it circular to give it a bit more flare.

For the tie of the dress and any tie I make, I topstitched it to give it a more clean and professional look.

I have to say, I quite love this dress and I'm so happy I didn't have any issues making it. It took me about 4 hours (one evening) and it's a piece that I'll be able to wear over and over again to many different occasions. I still have a bit of this fabric left and I have already made a headwrap and may make some masks for myself as well.

Thanks to you if you've read this far. This has definitely been a tough year for the world and for me personally. Thoughts on 30? I'm grateful to have made it here. I'm grateful for health, family, and provision. I'm grateful for God's grace over my life and I am absolutely interested on where this journey is taking me. 

I hope and pray that you are safe and well. May you have peace and find hope in whatever situation you are in.

I can't quite say that I'll be back soon, but if you want to see me more often, check out my YouTube channel. I have been posting weekly for a couple of months and I am enjoying that creative outlet right now.

Mentally my sew-jo is coming back, but the physical hasn't quite caught up, but keep your eyes peeled to this space.

Be well!


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