Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Eurotrip 2019 Fabric Haul

Happy New Year, friends! I hope 2020 has started amazing for you! Also, if it hasn't started that great, remember that it's also just a new day, a new week, a new month and you can take everything one day at a time. No need to pressure yourself to start over. Start from where you are and make progress at your own pace <3.

I haven't been on here since BEFORE I went on my (what has now become) annual Eurotrip! Of course, while I was overseas, I took the time to visit some fabric shops. So I'm back here to show you what I picked up in Belgium and in Spain.

While I was in Belgium, I took a day trip to Antwerp to explore. The first fabric shop I stopped at was called Veritas. When I first walked in, I thought I was in the wrong place because the whole front of the store is actually a regular retail store with close, accessories, and shoes. I walked to the back and saw a small shelf of fabric and a full notions section.

From the notions section, I picked up a couple of yards of leather bias tape (not pictured). From the fabric section, I picked up this white, shiny, textured sweater knit fabric.

I love the texture of it and the thickness. Something structured should come out of this for sure lol Not exactly sure what I'll make of it but I'm excited about its future.

The second store I visited in Antwerp was called Julija's Shop. It was pretty stocked with some awesome pieces so it was difficult for me to choose what to take (plus I was trying to be conscious of my future suitcase space). I ended up leaving with these two waffle print sweater cottons.

About a week later, I head to Madrid, Spain. I was staying in Plaza Mayor and lucky for me, most of the fabric stores I had looked up were walking distance from my hotel.

The first shop I walked into was Tejidos Bober. I got this really pretty (and shiny lol) textured knit fabric. Clearly, I went full-on TEXTURE for this trip haha.

Then I walked over to Tejidos del Centro and got a really pretty rayon and some plain poly-crepes. For the rayon, I am envisioning a really dramatic dress with ruffles and works lol. For the crepes, I think I'm leaning toward cute shirtdresses, but we'll see.

I was able to walk over to Julian Lopez right before it was closing and got some of the most favorite fabrics I now own. The first was this suppper unique multicolored wool tweed(?). Not sure if it should be called tweed but I can't think of the other fabric that it could be. It's on the tip of my tongue but it won't go to my brain LOL. If you have an idea, please put it down in the comments!

The other is this AMAZING faux leather, snake print KNIT! It feels absolutely beautiful. It's so smooth and the opposite is this buttery suede. I am so enamored with this piece and I am thinking HARD about what to make out of it. I got the end of the bolt. I wanted 2 meters, but I think there was only 1.15 left. 

The day before I left, I went over to Claudio Felipe SL and picked up these two chain-patterned polys. I would love to make some cute tops out of them.

So that's it! Tell me what you think of my pickups! Have you been to any of these shops??

I'll be back soon with finished projects! I didn't post it on IG, but I did make a Christmas gift for my mom. I'm going to have to wait for her to wear it to take pics so who knows when that will be. I do have other stuff coming down the pipe tho!


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