Thursday, November 7, 2019

Fall Vibes | McCall's 7974

Hello, Friends! I promised to be done with the sleeveless summer looks so here we are moving on.  I'm finally able to share my Fall transitional dress that I made, and I'm excited about it!

This is McCall's 7974, View C. I cut the 14 in a C cup. Don't you love it when patterns offer cup sizes!

I have to be honest and start by saying that I wasn't sold on this dress from seeing the pattern envelope. I didn't even have it on my "To Buy" list until I saw Mimi G in hers and then Erica Bunker rock it right after. I needed to see it in a different light and, boyyy did I!

Let's jump to this fabric! This is a Nicole Miller Fabric for JoAnn Stores that was released a couple of years ago. It's a polyester crepe and it has a great drape and weight to it. It was gifted to me by Auntie Carolyn!

It sewed and pressed extremely well. I love the silky feeling it has to it as well. It's definitely a showstopper in public.

I didn't quite have enough of this fabric as was recommended on the pattern envelope, so I looked at the pieces necessary and noticed that there were a number of facings and pockets. So I went into my stash of remnant fabrics from JoAnn and found an eggplant crepe to match the purple in the Nicole Miller fabric. I had just enough for all of the inside facing pieces and that left the exact amount left to cut out the main fabric.

The buttons I used were from a small shop in Panama. I only had 12 of them so I left off one button and buttonhole. Luckily it doesn't seem to make much of a difference modesty-wise so I'm cool with it.

The only modification I made was to do a 1" swayback adjustment at the back waistline.

I did get tripped up halfway through the bodice trying to attach the bodice facings to the bodice pieces. Because I hadn't marked the pieces correctly, I wasn't lining up the facing pieces to create a clean finish. I reached out to Ms. Erica for help and she explained it to me and something finally clicked in my brain. Unfortunately, I had to rip out a lot of stitches. But otherwise, this dress is a pretty straightforward sew.

Overall I think this is a great dress that can be styled for multiple occasions! I love the colors, the fullness of the skirt, and its overall femininity! ... oh and the pockets! lol


 What do you think?? Have you made this dress yet?!
I can definitely see myself making the other views of this pattern... especially the sleeveless view with the collar... in WHITE!

Sound off below!

I'll be back in December! I won't be able to sew until the end of the month so I'll share when I can get pictures!


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