Sunday, August 11, 2019

A little sleeve Fringe | Simplicity 8601

Hello, Friends!
I'm back with a top that I made almost an entire year ago... but I still have it and wear it so you can imagine that this is going to be a very positive post.

This top is Simplicity 8601, View D, minus the ruffle, plus the fringe from View B.

As you can see, I'm still building my closet with cute quick tops. It seems like I get into one mode and I forget to sew with diversity. Years ago, I would only make sundresses. Then it was outerwear/cardigans, and now it's tops. My next thing will surely be bottoms.

Back to the garment at hand! I chose this pattern because I had very limited fabric. I got it at Tessuit e Scampoli in Milan, Italy. You can see all of the selvage information below: "Vitale Barberis Canonico, Perennial, Super 110s Made in Italy". I actually went ahead and googled that information and found some similar fabrics HERE. I can't say what the name of the fabric is exactly, but I will say that it has a little bit of stretch and it feels amazing. Very smooth but a bit substantial.

Because what I got of the fabric was essentially a remnant, I had to make some adjustments. I definitely didn't have enough fabric for full sleeves, much less for sleeve ruffles. In an effort to keep the top from being a little bland, I found some fringe with a blue color scheme from JoAnn's. I sewed it to the right side of the sleeve and then folded under and topstitched it down. I like the simple flair that it gives to the look.

For the front ties, I actually stitched the center seam down a little further than the pattern instructed for modesty's sake. But I don't think it mattered much lol. If I make this again, I would sew it to where it's marked. I think sewing it down further made the ties shorter, which in turn made it a little harder to tie and increased wrinkles in that area.

The only other random modification that I made is that I didn't use fusible interfacing for the facings. Instead, I used scraps of fabric from this top so that the facing would not be stiff. I liked the effect and have been using scraps of fabric for different facings since making this top.

For the closure, I found a fancy button in my stash to match the fringe PERFECTLY. I made a thread loop for it.

Let me know what you think about this top! I know so many other people have made it. I do like it and wear it, but honestly, I'm not completely sure if I feel the BEST in these designs that revolve around boxy bodices. My preference is lower necklines and some shaping. What say you?!

Talk to you in the comments!


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