Thursday, August 30, 2018

My Italian Fabric Haul!

Ciao!! Thanks for coming back! This post is for all of the fabric lovers/hoarders/stashers lol
When I went to Italy back in May, I made sure to look up some fabric stores to stop at before I left.

Before I continue, be sure to take a look at my fabric haul VIDEO for details on all of the fabrics and to see their weights and how they drape!! I won't get too specific on this blog but I was very specific in the video!

I was staying in Milan and the first store I went to was called New Tess. It's a VERY clean, sleek, and organized store. All of the fabric is on rolls on shelves so it's KIND of hard to touch on them and feel the varieties (which I think is their intent). I was a little over and underwhelmed at the store so I didn't buy anything. But the quality of the fabrics was good although, for ME, they were a bit pricey. But I'm sure most people wouldn't mind the prices THAT much lol

The second store I went to in Milan was called Tessuti e Scampoli! This store had a large number of remnant bins with yardages of varying sizes. They also had shelves and rolls of fabric. I kept to the remnant bin because I'm usually shopping on a budget lol. The way they price their remnants is by weight. So they would weight the cut of fabric you are trying to buy, and the price per lb on the bin is what they would charge you. I thought that was a very interesting approach and it definitely worked in my fabric. I got some really unique and nice feeling fabric from there:

midweight woven

midweight woven

knit fabric. pretty stable

The third store I went to was Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti. This store is world-renowned and has been featured on television and in magazines all over. I was SOOOOO overwhelmed walking around this store because it's absolutely MASSIVE. With multiple floors, room and shelves from the floor to the ceiling, I almost walked out with absolutely nothing lol. On my way out, I was just looking at the different laces they offered and came across the end of a roll of this particular burn out velvet! I thought it was so unique but the price was pretty extravagant for just 1 meter ($95). Make sure you watch the fabric haul video to hear how much I ACTUALLY paid and how I got the price I did!
Silk burn out velvet

The last store I made it to was Azienda Tessuti. After coming out of Bassetti Tessuti, my brain was still a bit overwhelmed, so I just went through the remnants that they were offering at the front door. I found some really great quality fabrics in white (which I'm always looking for) and I found a stripe that I thought I may like (even though I NEVER wear stripes lol). All of the fabrics I got from here are woven.

So what do you think?! I know I didn't get too crazy lol but the fabrics I bought in Italy are some of the best quality fabrics I have in my stash right now, so I'm definitely proud of that!

Don't forget to watch the fabric haul! And give me some suggestions on what I should make with these fabrics!

Until next time!


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