Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Guest of an Italian Wedding | Vogue 9251

Ciao, good people! Today I'm bringing you the star piece of all the garments that I made for my Eurotrip back in May! I'm showing you what I made to wear to the wedding I went to Europe for.

This dress is Vogue 9251, mostly View A, in a size 12. When I was beginning to look for what pattern to sew, I wanted something a bit dramatic, but comfortable at the same time. If you follow my Instagram or my blog, you know that I LOVE wrap dresses and I feel great in them. They are super comfortable to me, and then the pockets on this pattern sold the comfortability for me. And for the dramatics, the sleeves and the hemline I was envisioning in my head allowed me to move forward.

There is definitely a story behind the fabric I used for this dress. I'm not quite ready to share it, but I will say that it came from a very treasured home. The fabric has a checkered pattern to it. On one side, the checks are black and the other side, the checks look metallic. I used the metallic for the right side and the black for the wrong side.

I don't know the exact fabric content but it is EXTREMELY drapey. It's woven and feels like silk. When I prewashed the fabric (in the washer on cold, and dried in the dryer on low) it shrunk up like an accordion, but once I ironed it back out, it was back to its smooth silky texture.

I made quite a few changes to the pattern. As it relates to fit, I did a 1" FBA and a 1" swayback adjustment.

As it relates to design, I made this dress a TRUE wrap dress. Instead of having ties on the inside, I doubled the length of the tie on the right bodice and made a hole in the right side seam of the bodice to feed that tie through so that it wraps around the back and meets the other tie on the left side seam.

I made sure to add stay tape in the waist seam as well as the top and bottom of the pockets in those seams.

I also changed the hemline of the skirt to make it high-low. I used the back skirt of View B but took the front skirt of View A and just traced a line down to meet the back skirt at the side seams.

The ONLY qualm I have with this dress is that when I made the 1" swayback adjustment, I didn't add that 1" back at the CB hem of the skirt, so the hem is not even (can see a little in the photo above). It's not too dramatically visible of a thing when I'm not posing, but it was definitely a learning moment for me. I will remember to do that from here on out.

Overall?!?! I'm in love! This dress is one of my favorite makes EVER.
What about you?? Have you made this dress? I know it was definitely popular in blogland lol Put your link below in the comments so I can see!

Until next time!

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