Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Abstract Maxi Skirt | McCall's 7682

Well, September has flown by like a leaf in the wind! Earlier this month, I went up to New York to hang with some family and friends, and I made sure to hit up my Sewing Auntie, Carolyn. We made plans to go to The Met so I decided that I was going to surprise her by making something out of some fabric she gave me the last time we got together!

My initial desire was to make a shirtdress because she has an extensive history with them, and it would be new for me. But after cutting out 95% of the dress and not being able to cut out the front bodice, I realized I had to switch gears quickly lol I was working on McCall's 7682 View D. Once I ran into the lack of fabric snafu, I decided that I would just make it a skirt.

Like I mentioned, Carolyn gifted this fabric to me, but the label that she had on it says that it is a Rayon Brown Abstract Print from Phoenix Textiles. This fabric was super easy to cut and sew and didn't fray much at all either. It also pressed very well and has amazing swish-factor.

The only change I made was to lengthen the skirt by 1.5:

I wanted to switch the buttonholes on the waistband for eyelets but I went ahead and did buttonholes. I got this tan cotton cord from Michael's and the cord stopper and cord caps from Hobby Lobby. I love the way that I get a paper bag waist look. 

This was a pretty straightforward project with showstopping results. 4 yards of fabric in a skirt makes it pretty heavy but not so much that it's falling down.

Even though I didn't get the shirtdress I was envisioning, I feel like this skirt turned out great. Sometimes a fabric just tells you what it wants to be!

Have you ever had one project in mind and then have to completely revamp it on the fly?? Don't those just turn out the best?!

Let me know down in the comments! See you next week!


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