Friday, April 20, 2018

Eurotrip 2018 Sewing Plans

Hellllloooooo friends!!  I'm back with a few sewing plans that I have for my Eurotrip next month! I'll be going to Paris, Italy and Amsterdam and I want some new pieces so I can serve some LOOKS lol

  1. The first things on the list (and are already made) are a pair of lined faux leather berets. One will be for me (the black) and the other is for my travel partner

      2. I also want to finish this midi double knit sweater dress that I kind of butchered. I have to figure out how to fix my mistake. and I think it will look GREAT with my berets.

    3. I'll be going to Italy for a wedding and I loooove this wrap dress pattern as a wedding guest dress! And the wedding colors (for the guests) are gem tones, so I'm going with ruby for my birthstone. I want to alter the the shape of the wraps, and kind of change it into a high-low situation... you'll have to wait and see what happens with that lol

    4. I got this textured knit fabric on my trip to Europe last year and I have enough in this remnant to make the t-shirt/tunic view. I might have to shorten it a bit more than the pattern though.

    5.  I got this LOVELY fabric from my recent trip to Panama. I want to make a SIMPLE lined jacket. I know that the pics on this envelope don't look very simple lool butttt MINE is going to be simple lol

    6. Last but not least, a little OUT of the color scheme lol, I want to make the long sleeve one-shoulder view with this telio hatchi knit. I think it's going to look pretty chic :-)

Hopefully I get ALL of these things done! I'm making in the order I've listed these pieces so if I don't do EVERYTHING, I want to at least make up to the dress for the wedding.

What do you think about these ideas? Also, hit me up in the comments if you live in Paris or Italy! Let's go fabric shopping! Let's grab something to eat, I would love to meet some overseas sew friends!!!


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