Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eurotrip Sewing Plans update

Hola! I'm back with a quick update! I told you guys in this post all of the things I wanted to make for my upcoming May Eurotrip. Well, it's less than two weeks away... how far have I gotten so far? lol

I did mention that I had already completed the berets. Here are some pics of those:

The one on top is a brighter burgundy color than in this photo. I'm REALLY pleased with how they came out. Of course I'll do a proper blog post when I get some pics on location!

Out of the 5 garments, so far I was able to complete 3 of them! Wedding guest dress included!

I really like all of the small details I put into these pieces! You'll have to wait for the blog posts for those deets thouggghhhhh.

I have the lightweight jacket and the purple off the shoulder top left. I'm hoping to have the jacket done before the weekend is over. I know the knit top won't take me long at all, so I'm not stressing to much about a timeline for it. As long as it's before I leave, I'm good lol.

But to my trip! If you are in Paris or Italy, hit me up! Let's get food, go fabric shopping, see the sites! Email me at thetelltaletasha@gmail.com so we can plan a meet up!

Hopefully my next update will be great news :-D


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