Tuesday, November 28, 2017

TNT Wrap | McCall's 6713

Hello, lovely people!! I told you I'd be back with this bomb wrap dress again for Thanksgiving and who would've thought that I'd ACTUALLY do it LOL. I'll make this quick!

This is McCall's 6713 again in View C this time. I wanted to save time so I left off the sleeves this go 'round. 

I got the fabric from Fine Fabrics in Atlanta when LeJanaro took me fabric shopping last year. I lined the bodice with a plain brown knit from Fabric Mart. I didn't try to match any of the pattern, Most of the black part of the fabric is on the back of the dress and the front is mostly maroon.

I love this dress maybe even a little more than the plaid one! It's so versatile. I can wear it to work, church, or any other dressy occassion.

I'm excited to go back to Fine Fabrics and source a few more knits for this dress. I think I can make at least 3 more before I get tired of this pattern! lol Officially a TNT for me <3

And here's a bonus pic of me and my Godson! I hope everyone who celebrated had an awesome Thanksgiving and spent it with loved ones in gratefulness!

Be back soon!

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