Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, Panama! | McCall's 7606 & McCall's 0525

Happy Independence Day!! To Panama, that is! The 3rd of November is the day that Panama got it's independence from Columbia!  About a month ago, I went to Brooklyn, NY to partake in the pre-independence celebrations that take place every year in the form of parades, food vendors, bands, music, and just a general celebration of the culture. It's always amazing to see the diversity of colors (in clothes & people) and the love and pride that we all have for the republic!

This year, I decided that I wanted to make some outfits for me and my mom out of some of the traditional fabric that I purchased back in 2013 when I went to Panama to visit. For myself, I settled on a skirt, and for my mom, a shirt!

I'll start with my skirt that I made out of McCall's 6706 View C in a size Medium. In my attempt to use the fabric as efficiently as possible, I cut the ruffle as long and continuous as possible to eliminate the need for seams and hopefully make the ruffle a bit more prominent. For the waistband and ties, I used the horizontal diamond detail. I didn't have enough to use for the shorter front tie, so I used a regular white cotton fabric.  Because the cotton is white and pretty see-through, I partially lined it with a remnant of polyester that I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. The lining allowed for a pretty clean finish on most of the inside and then the rest of it is serged.  I didn't deviate from the pattern much at all so it was a pretty straightforward make. The toughest part about it was making sure that I matched the pattern on the main skirt fronts and back.

For my mom's top,  I worked off of McCall's 0525 View B in a size XXL (seems to be OOP). I used only the bodice pieces and I lengthened the bodice and graded out to her hip measurement.  I incorporated the bodice ruffle from View A, but not with the pattern piece. I just measured how long of a piece I would need, cut that rectangle and gathered the top of the ruffle before attaching. The sleeves were a bit wide, so I shaved down the sleeve opening 4 inches and and graded out back into the armhole. I hope that makes sense. It is a pretty basic design but the fabric really makes it look like a masterpiece!

I am going to leave you with some pictures of the parade! I hope that you can appreciate some of my culture! I will see you guys next week because I have a few posts in the queue for you all! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!


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