Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10. Aliens Out - Burda 6829 and friends | #sew16in2016

What do you call a dress started April 2015, worn unfinished, and put back in the pile to be finished at a later date? A UFO. That's what you call it. Last April, my Uncle was having a 50th Bday Bash and his the theme colors were black and gold. I knew I had some black and gold fabric so I went through some patterns with my mom and she voted on Burda 6829 as the party dress for me. I think I had about a week to make the dress but of course I cut it out the night before and started sewing the day of.... Let's not forget I sew like a snail.

I sewed all day and I got to putting the sleeves on but I was contemplating on how to finish sleeveless or whether I should add sleeves. I messed up bad and had to unpick ALOT and had to walk out of the door with no sleeves, unfinished armholes, and a cropped jacket over it all because it was atrocious.

You're probably thinking "That doesn't sound that bad. Unfinished armholes on a knit are basically finished. And isn't this on of the 'easy' Burdas?"... Everything would have been fine but I had decided to flatline the entire dress... before reading the instructions lol.

Let me start at the beginning here! lol This pattern is Burda 6829, a beautiful faux wrap dress pattern. I cut the size 14. The fabric is a mystery knit that is one of the first fabrics I ever bought. I got it from JoAnn's at a time when I wasn't reading the bolt information lol. What I do know is that I can't iron it and the right side of the fabric will stick to itself. I fully flatlined the dress with a black tricot that I got from Cali. Flatlining it the way I did (leaving only the armholes open) made the dress a real wrap dress, so I had to hand sew the ruched side to the corresponding side seam.

I used my coverstitch for the first time on this dress for the sleeve hem. I hemmed it and then sewed the sleeves in flat. I don't usually have problems sewing in knit sleeves flat but i got some puckering on both sides. This fabric is really thin so I didn't want to have to pick out the stitches and risk ripping the project after all of this time. I notice that I need a swayback adjustment as well. I'm starting to do it for all of my projects but this one was cut eons ago so it didn't get the treatment.

I like the dress alot but I don't like how slouch it it at the bottom because of the way it's lined. I won't be doing that again for this pattern lol. I was able to iron it with a towel on top this past weekend when I wore it for my friend's wedding (I took these pics a month prior away from home without an iron though). Another drawback to the dress is that the lining keeps peeking out in the front very annoyingly. I understitched it right before I finished the sleeves but I really have to pull down the lining from the bottom to make sure it doesn't pop out.

All in all the dress has finally happily moving into my closet.

And here are some pics of me wearing it this past weekend at my friend's wedding:

So as of right now, I've finished 7 things for the Sew'16 Challenge. I've got some work to do if I'm going to get 9 things done in 3 months loool. We'll see what happens!

I had a few other things I wanted to upcylce so that I'd wear them more often.

1. Upcycled Christmas dress that I chopped to make into a shirt. The dress was too shirt to wear for everyday.

2. Mola Jacket needed buttons: This jacket is from my mom's youth. It had a bunch of buttonholes but no buttons so I added some.

3. A short dress my friend gave me that I chopped into a shirt. Easy-peasy!

So that's it. No more UFO's and I can focus on new stuff guilt-free! be back with more stuff soon!

xoxo, Tasha

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