Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wrap Me Up - McCall's 6884

....Or nah.
For the record, I made this like 3 weeks ago... before ya'll try to say i'm late lol
**and i apologize for the incorrect underthings that keep trying to peek out

This is McCall's 6884 Faux Wrap Dress

View A with the sleeves from View C

I got this beeeaauuuutttiiifffuuullll  fabric from Hancock's
I think.
I'm 89% sure I didn't find this beautiful cloth from the JoAnn's in my area lol (no shade)
It's silky but a little ribbed at the same time. And it shines when the light hits it right <3
making an appointment with my eyebrow lady as i type lol

So from what I learned about my bust to waist ratio in this post, I decided I would make some alterations to the pattern tissue before I sewed up the dress.
Because the fabric is a considerable stretch knit, I decided to cut the 10 instead of the 12.
confused at my photographer's instructions lol

What I DID do though, was make a line under my bustline and decided to grade from a 10 to a 12 in the bust area, then back down to a 10 above my bust for my sleeves.
dont mind the dots in this pic. I connected the wrong one lol I fixed it though
I just used my hip curve ruler to connect the dots.

I did the same thing on the back pattern as well because I didn't know if the seam allowances would be all off at the end of the day.
ALSO, when I saw Mimi G's post about this dress I did some thinking.
She's like 5'3 at the most lol and she said that she made NO alterations to the pattern. 
I'm 5'8.5 and if she didn't make any changes, I knew that the dress was going to be WAY too short for me.
I ended up cutting it and adding 3" to the length of the bodice.

It sits right above my knees now lol
One thing that I'm definitely going to have to do for next time is to lower where the belt sits on my waist.  It's way too high on my body.

Also, If I do the 3 quarter sleeve again, I'm actually going to make it 3/4" for MY arm lol
The sleeves are much shorter than I anticipated them being.

I pretty much followed the instructions.
The only things I changed were that I sewed the sleeves in flat

and I didn't do a narrow hem on the dress at all. I just sewed the regular 5/8" hem.

I read a lot of posts where people say they sew their knits up exclusively with their sergers.
I'm kind of scared to do that because I don't want the knife to cut my seams then I end up making something too small and can't go back.

 Maybe I'm just paranoid.
I'll practice a little more before I make the commitment lol

I didn't post-serge the seams of this dress because I was rushing..
but this dress doesn't need it anyway.

Things I've learned:
1. Pressing TRANSFORMS
When I first sewed this up, there were bumps along some of the curves and what not.. and idk.. it was just ehh..
After pressing, it looked like I got it right off the rack! I was so in love!
I would "press a seam, sew a seam" but The iron is so far away from my sewing space and it shuts off after too much inactivity. I just do it after, now.
2. How to Alter a Pattern
I was SO scared to cut my pattern pieces in half!
But these are changes that will have to be used ANY time I make this dress so they're going to have to stay anyway.

Thank you for reading!

See you in the next post!
share and stuff! *hair flip*

xoxo, Tasha
This is exactly who I am in real life lool


  1. You look FABULOUS in this dress! You sure did have to add a lot for your height, thank goodness you did!

    1. Thank you, Linda!! And I know lool i'm definitely going to be measuring patterns from now on to make sure I'm okay

  2. Great job! It's scary the first time you cut into a pattern to make alterations, but so satisfying when it works!

  3. I want paranoid the first time I did a pattern alteration. In fact, I bought two of the pattern in case I messed up.

    The dress is gorgeous. Job well done.

  4. beautiful! and yeah, pressing makes the world right. i never understand when peeps say they hate pressing, i mean, it's like magic!

    1. thank you! it can def get annoying but the result is so worth it!

  5. I love this on you. I have tried to make two different wrap dresses and have hated both of them. Maybe I'll try this one. I find that tights are a must, as the wrap parts and too much skin shows... I see you did the same. :)

    1. Thank you, Cherie!
      why did you hate the other ones??
      and yea, try this pattern. Views B&C don't have that split in the middle. it goes all the way across :-)

  6. Love it... you look amazing in it ... a real life diva. I think pressing is one of those things that make the difference between hand-made and home-made.

    1. Aww, thank you :-)
      Yea, you're right lol

  7. I love this dress! The fabric is great, and thanks for showing your alterations! I'm tall too and it's become a habit to cut patterns in half and add inches - scary but necessary! Haha :)

    1. Thank you! and yea, sometimes i feel like i'm putting too many pics in a post but i'm glad you found those useful :-)


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