Monday, March 24, 2014


I haven't done one of these in a while but this was way too good not to share!
In my search of finding labels to put on the things that I make (cuz you know, I'm hype) I obviously was looking for ways to do it myself cuz I don't got money like that lol
All of the tutorials I was finding were like:
1. Go buy Iron transfer sheets
2. Print your labels in hieroglyphics
3. Put it face down on the fabric
4. Press but don't move cuz then the hieroglyphics will stretch and you'll have to start all over.
As tech savvy as I am, I didn't have the will to find out how to print stuff backwards and what not.
I figured there had to be an easier way.
So I found THESE at JoAnn's:
All you have to do:
Design your labels, (my friend Christina did mine!)
Put the sheets in the printer like normal,
print out your labels (like NORMAL),
Then iron them to set the ink.
And not iron them onto something else, just iron the sheet itself!
That's ALL.
But because I am putting these lables in my clothes as well, I did the colorfast treatment on mine.
The only extra steps are to rinse the sheets in cold water and then dry them lol.
Each pack comes with 3 fabric sheets and you can get them in white or cream.
They're cotton and pretty tightly woven.
I got mine in white because... Idk why but I knew I wanted white when I went to the store lol

disregard my terrible attempt at rotary cutter use lol
I used 2 sheets for the labels and the last sheet for wash instructions to add in clothes.
Hope this helps someone!
Let me know if you have any questions or if you know of something EASIER!
xoxo, Tasha


  1. What an awesome idea! While I did buy labels, there items that I might want washing instructions or maybe a different label. I also like the print backwards and iron on, while not moving for t-shirts.

  2. Anonymous3/25/2014

    I have bought those but have not attempted to print anything out on them yet. Glad to see that they worked well for you. I bought the last set of labels from Jennifer's Jewels and they are great. But I am into saving money when I can and you have certainly made this task seem a lot less daunting. Great job!

    1. Thanks!
      And I've never heard of Jennifer's Jewels. I'm going to go check it out

  3. This is flipping GENIUS!!!! I have so many people I'm making items for and I have no labels..... Your labels by the way are ca-ute. I'm on the first thing smoking to Joanns tonight.

    1. LOL thank you, one of my best friends is a graphic designer so she helped with my blog header as well!


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