Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bibs & Bowties

Went to the baby shower and it was beautiful :-)
The theme of the shower was "Bibs & Bowties"
They had little bib cookies with bowties on them and bowtie shaped napkins and what not!
It was so cute!!

I had decided I was going to make a snuggle blanket, a nursing cover, and some mittens.
I only ended up making the blanket and nursing cover because I cut the mittens out wrong and they would have sewn up really awkward/wrong.

I bought all of the fabric from JoAnn's.
I picked this flannel because I thought it looked like little abstract bowties lol.
All of the other fabrics I chose were just to play off of the red, blue and yellow scheme I had already picked out.

I made the blanket by following this tutorial from the beautiful, Stacey.
Of course I didn't follow the tutorial all the way and did not pin my flannel down to my minky fabric to keep it from moving.
That ended up causing me a lot of trouble because not only were my pieces not cut straight but I had to keep readjusting both piecs AS I was sewing which was really annoying... and WRONG lol
a little crooked, no? lol
I was going to add a cute blue decorative stitch around the yellow bias binding but my machine (or needle, or fabric, or the whatever) did NOT like that idea.  The bobbin kept bunching and I just let it go..
I made the nursing cover from this tutorial I found.

I added another pocket though. And I used boning that had extra covering as sewing space.
I was too scared to zig zag across the boning. I haven't broken a needle yet and I did not want that to be the first.

I'm so excited because they loved both items!
I was kind of nervous lol

I already have ideas on some other gifts I can make for future showers!

On my other March projects:

  • I finished one of the dresses last week, I just don't have anywhere to wear it to take pictures lol
  • I'm just about finished with the TMS Bossy Pants. Just need to hem and add a clasp!
  • I'm hoping I make the Mad Men deadline! I want to wear the dress on Sunday so crossing my fingers :-) I'll start (and hopefully finish?....HA!)  tomorrow
  • The SSA dress isn't due til April 14th so I haven't been sweating it. Haven't even cut the fabric yet :-/
wish me luck!
Thanks for reading!!

xoxo, Tasha
Me & the parents-to-be!


  1. Anonymous3/27/2014

    Thanks for the beautiful gifts...good job

  2. Anonymous3/27/2014

    What great gifts, I love minky fleece, it is so soft and comforting. I love the bow tie theme and it was great how you carried the theme over into the gifts you made. Great Job!

  3. I love minky blankets for babies!

    1. Aren't they so cute! I want to make one for myself #bigbaby haha

  4. I am so glad you got some use out of my tutorial, and it is really cute! I love how you picked up the abstract bow ties. That nursing cover looks great, too. When I was nursing my babies I never knew about those, and it would have been so very useful. Good luck on finishing all your projects! I have been busy at the sewing machine, too, and it feels good to get things done. Can't wait to show everything! :)


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