Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Dress, No Sew

Sorry for the wait :-/
No excuses though. I'll just do better :-)
Below you see two dresses that were just way too short for me to where in public and be comfortable.
And I know I could tuck them in or up and where them as tops and stuff but I just didn't feel like it lol
So here goes the transformation :-D

Oh, Sorry for not trying them on lol
Just take my word for it... too short.

I'll start with the H&M dress.
My college roomate bought me this dress for $4.95 when she worked at H&M.
That was 3 years ago and I have NEVER worn it.
It was too tight AND too short
Now it's just too short so I'm going to make it into a shirt.
I placed the dress on my new cutting mat (!!!) and lined it up to make sure the cut would be straight

You can see the line I drew across the dress when I had it on, indicating how far down I wanted it.

I placed my new ruler (!!!) across the mat for more cutting accuracy and precision

A cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter are probably the best investments I've made thus far

Did a nice clean swipe with my rotary cutter
The shirt ended up rolling up on its own and the rotary cutter made such a perfect cut that I did not have to sew a new seam to the bottom of it.


Shoutout to my cousin LaToya for the eyeshadow.  She was using me as practice for a shoot she has this weekend. She'll be a CPIK feature in the future :-)

My little cousin's friend called me a referee -___- lool

I got this black Papaya dress on clearance for like $5 Over 2 years ago and I wore it ONCE.
I never wore it again because I was so uncomfortable in it because of the length.
The elastic band sat somewhere under my bust instead of closer to my waist or hips.
But because I love that the bottom has POCKETS and the material is pretty lightweight and very comfortable,
I decided to make a SKIRT!

I folded the top of the dress inside

Then I ironed all around the elastic band so that I would have any pieces sticking up above the elastic bannd once I cut off the top of the dress
I used fabric glue to reinforce where I just ironed.  I glued the inside of the elastic band and the top of the dress together

I passed the iron one more time after I glued
I pulled the top of the dress back to the outside and cut off what was not glued down.

And here you have it!
I didn't want to wear a fitted shirt with it.  I wanted to make it into a skirt for comfort and the in-between summer/fall weather where it's not too cold and not too hot so I could pair it with light sweaters and oversized "t-shirts"

Each piece took about 20 minutes!
And I never had to pull out my sewing maching!

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Which piece do you like better?
What would you have done with them?
See you in the next post!
share & stuff! *pops gum*
xoxo, Tasha
Ooooh My puff is GROWING!
Know what that means?!
"The bigger the hair, the more secrets to share!" ;-)


  1. Ahhh your dedication and consistency make me sick!! Not to mention your wonderful creations!

    1. LOL I read the comment before i saw who wrote it and I knew it was you!

      Thanks girl!

  2. The "referee" top def. looks like you bought it off the rack like that. Good work per usual!

  3. Anonymous10/10/2013

    I like them both! Great work!!


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