Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CPIK | Lenny Ballou

Hope to find everyone well!
You're probably wondering:
"What is CPIK?"
Well CPIK stands for
"Cool People I Know"
Along with this blogs theme of relaying important information, I have some friends that I feel like everyone should know about lol
And I'm a "Connector". I have this weird ability to bring a bunch of random people together and they just work.
I know a lot of talented and very creative people who's creativity could service my readers in one way or another so I wanted to do this series.
For my first CPIK, welcome Lenny Ballou!
Enjoy :-)
*disclaimer: This interview was done over iMessage (Future ones will be also).. and my friends are really silly*

Me: *ahem* Introduce yourself!
LB: *tightens up tie* IM LENNY AND I LIKE STUFF.
lol jk jk, I go by the name Lenny, full name Leonard Ross Ballou III, and no I don't plan on making my son's name the IV (Lord willing).

Me: LOL how long have you been an artist or whateva?
LB: For a little while or whateva lol. Ever since my 5th grade class I knew I could draw when I glanced at a picture and drew it from memory.  Throughout the years I dabbled in notepads, homework, class desks to behind heaters that led to whoopins.  I would call myself an artist NOW because of how I actually express it from paper to canvas. It's constant now instead of periodically.

Me: Where do you get  your inspiration? Because you pretty much do everything lol
LB:  F**king music. (Excuse le French) I'll listen to dance Gavin dance, some cocaine 80's, then to some theme music from final fantasy VII just to get an idea about something.
Inspiration is from anything and everything. It's the "making it come to life" part that makes it easy.
Me: How did you come up with the "Prints of Gold" collection?
LB:  Man. I don't know lol.  I honestly was trying to accomplish a brand name which took me months to get down for a clothing line (my own) and I never got it.  I played with words and that's what I got. Prints (prince) of Gold.  The fact those paintings have the metallic gold feel to it, makes it stand out.  Not only is it a painting, the gold itself illuminates off the painting and makes it more than something to look at.


Me: You're so deep. *moment of silence*
LB:  *bows head* lettucepray, midasthank the man Above.
Me: LOL so I'm gonna redirect lol  I like your clothes and stuff. Describe your style.
LB: Lol ok, my style changed throughout the years.  It was always what was in. Skater, urban streetwear and etc. I mean it's still what's "in", but I try and [incorporate] the formal/suit and tie look. Hate to say GQ'ish but people get a general idea when that's said.  I've always had a passion for style, similar to that present Daniel Craig 007 wardrobe. Hands down, best Bond yet.
Me:  People say you look like Miguel... How do you feel about that? lol
LB:  I say it's the hair and facial hair.  I really don't look that much like him. But then women sometimes say "I love me some Miguel" and things change llsss.  "How many drinksss"
Me:  Bahahaha!  You single?
LB:  Yeah, been some months now.

Me:  Do you have a quote or motto that  you live by?
LB:  "If you do things right the first time then you wouldn't have to do it again"- Pops (after I got all those whoopins)

Me: Lol and where can people find you/ get in contact with you?
LB:  www.printsofGOLD.com << hasn't been launched yet! I will "link" it when it does.
Instagram: @printsofgold
Facebook:  lrbdragon87@hotmail.com (chill I made that email in 9th grade when samurai shirts were in)
Cell #: 240 you only get the area code #BARS
I hope you enjoyed the interview and make sure to check out all of Lenny's art!
The pics i've posted here aren't even the half of it!
Email him for requests and business inquiries!
Check out www.printsofGOLD.com when it launches!
See you in the next post!
share and stuff! *flips hair*
xoxo, Tasha

#throwbacktuesday Me and Lenny in my relaxer days LOL


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