Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work it Out

This past week I decided that I would fix some of my work clothes so that I can stop wearing the same few pieces that fit over and over lol

1. Purple Peplum
This  top I bought on a terrible impulse decision while in line at Marshall's. It was on sale, and instead of getting the medium, I bought the large and it has NEVER fit correctly lol
Too lose around the bottom. No shape at all. (same in the back)

My cousin pinned the sides down. And you can see shape in the back now as well.
(why am i so diesel?!)

I drew a straight line as a guide for my sewing machine.

New Fit!

2. Khakis!
I got these J.Crew khakis from a thrift store in DC for $6. They fit PERFECTLY (at the time) and looked brand spanking new!
As of late, they've been a little saggy so lol I figured I needed to handle that.
I decided that I would iron down the seam that was already there and just sew down the sides of the original seam around the hips. Then I started to make a straight line down the length of the pants because they were way too flared for me to feel any older than 12 years old lol
I drew a straight line along the pins so that I could follow that line with my sewing machine

New Fit!

Much more comfortable!

3. Mustard Skinnies
I've had these pants for YEARS. Don't know how long but they did fit at some point in time.
Now they just fall down as I walk -_-

AND both clasps on the inside were literally hanging on by a thread on one side.

Pinned down the sides and drew a guide line just like the others.
I also hand sewed the clasps back on tightly.

I look so 70s lol

4. Black Pencil Skirt
Remember this skirt from this old post?
Here's a reminder:

Pinned down the sides to get rid of the imaginary hips and I didn't feel the need to go any lower.

Guide line

New Fit!

5. Brown Faithfuls
I've had these pants for YEARS! Since my first job in 08!
Um.. I didn't take ANY befores lol
Just imagine pants that you didnt have to unbutton or unzip to take off.
But I did the same thing as all of the other pieces:
Pin down the sides
and draw a guide line 

That's all for now!
Thanks for reading!
See you in the next post!
share and stuff!
xoxo, Tasha
I think I was having a praise dance moment LOL


  1. Girlllll! You are a magician! Seriously, I would've never known you had to fix the fit from your final looks. Awesome work :)

  2. You are glowing...wow...


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