Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Quickest Outfit I've Ever Made | McCall's 6968 & Lola Tank

Hello Friends! I'm back with my last couple of makes from the summer season. You can see my video about all of the plans I made back in June and you'll notice that THESE two makes are a little off script...

The skirt is McCall's 6968 (OOP) and the top is another Staystitch Patterns, Co, Lola Racerfront Tank.
I'll start with the skirt! My original plan for this fabric was the Coco Bias skirt, but I had a last-minute change of heart and went into my pattern stash to find an easier and more flattering pattern to work with. I have over 800 patterns in my stash and at LEAST 75% of them are unused. 

After scrolling through my Sortly app, I found this skirt and actually read the description and realized that the skirt is only 2 seams and has NO CLOSURES. Sounded like the jackpot for me because I needed the skirt in 2 days. I cut the size 10 and was literally done with the skirt within 1 hour!

The fabric is from a trip I took to Madrid, Spain. You can find the post of that fabric haul HERE and check out the store that I got it from. The fabric is a gorgeous drapey rayon and it was super easy to work with.

Now the inspiration for the top actually came from the fact that I didn't want to just wear a black top with the skirt, which is the only thing that I had to coordinate with it in my closet. I checked my stash and realized the fabric I just used for my Zoey dress was a unique match for the abstract colors in the skirt.

I just made the Lola Racerfront tank in a dress and it was a super fast sew so I decided that a tank would look cute with this skirt and I think I was right! I made the cropped length, but it was still pretty long. I ended up not hemming it because I couldn't decide how short I wanted it, so I'm going to let it be for now until I decide. 

Also, I didn't screw up the bindings this time lol

I love this skirt because I can actually twist it and wear the tie on the side to give a little high-low split action. I'll definitely be making the shorter skirt version because I think it's a perfect pattern for a swimsuit cover-up.

Altogether, this outfit took less than 2 hours to sew and I was ready to wear it the next day! Do you often make quick outfits to wear for the weekend or are you more into the slow-sewing process? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you're interested in seeing how I organize my patterns digitally so it's easy for me to see what I have in my stash, check out my video HERE.

See you in the next one!

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