Friday, March 10, 2017

Mommy & Me Ponchos | McCall's 6209

Promised you I'd be back soon and HERE I AM! lol Back to share a 1 for 1. Something for me and a gift for someone else.  This is my remixed version of "Mommy and Me" outfits because I'm not the mom lol but I'm sure it still counts. :-) Back in my fall/winter sewing plans, I mentioned I wanted to make McCall's 6209 in 2 different fabrics. I'll start with mine:

I have made McCall's 6209 previously. Then I made View A but this time I wanted to try out View E.  I cut a Medium just like I did the other one.

I THINK I got this houndstooth fabric from G Street Fabrics because I'm not seeing anything come up in my email for it. I really can't remember if it had a label on it or not.  Either way, I got it well over a year ago and it has been chilling in my stash. I kept pulling it out for different things but then deciding that I didn't like the pairing. I was obviously waiting for THIS.

This fabric wrinkles EXTREMELY easy. It also has a very loose weave so I had to watch my edgestitch foot while I was stitiching in the ditch to make sure it wasn't getting caught in the fabric. It

I try to add something special to all of my makes so they aren't too plain so with this one I thought it would be really cool if I added some leather trim to all of the edges instead of hemming them like normal. I love a nice pop of leather on garments (i.e. here, here, here..)

I got the idea from Donna in this instagram post. I cut out 1" bias strips of my faux leather, sewed them together to form one long continuous strip, stitched it on right sides together at a quarter inch, wrapped around the wrong side to encase the raw edges, then stitched in the ditch. Then I used my mini duckbill applique scissors to trim close to the stitching on the wrong side. I don't have a Teflon foot so I put tape on the bottom of my edgestitch foot so that the foot wouldn't stick to the right side of the leather. I didn't have to worry about that on the wrong side because the back of the faux leather is some type of polyester.

Now onto my mom's! For her, I cut view A in an XL. 

The fabric is a "buy the yard piece" from Fabric Mart that I got in 2014 (according to my email). It's a "Mustard Seed/Black Boucle poly Suiting. The email says that the piece was 2.75 yards long but it was actually a full 3 yards! And thank goodness because I needed every single one for the size of this pattern's pieces.

The sewing was very straightforward. I did not end up interfacing the facing because I wanted to keep the hand of the boucle.

The unique thing about this iteration of the poncho is that I pulled the strands of the yellow boucle out and it left a nice solid black fringed hem. So to keep that a little uniform, I stitched a straight line 1" above the hem and then pulled out the strands of yellow up to that line.

I was hoping I would be able to do it for the "side"/shoulder seam but alas I had to just hem it like normal. No worries though, I think it still looks great.

I had to really saturate the colors on the photo so you could see the real yellowy color of the boucle. My mom loves it and I'm honored that she's adding my piece into her Fashionista closet.

Mommy and Me!

And I used one of my McCall's tags in this piece because I'm sure I will have it for quite a while!

back neck

side/shoulder seam

Let me know what you think! Do you like to coordinate with your mom/kids?? See you all in a few days!


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