Thursday, May 29, 2014

TMS April: "Sew Double" - McCall's 6839

Well aren't I just the "Tardy Tasha"?

This is my entry for the TMS APRIL "Sew Double" sewalong.
Yes, you read that right, April lol
It's not that I didn't have it sewn.. I just didn't want to hem it.
And I didn't have anywhere to where it lol
The way I interpreted "Sew Double" was that I was going to take a pattern that I've previously sewn but instead, sew a different view.
I thought the McCalls 6839 would be the best pattern to use because the front is the same on all of the views, it's just the backs that get fancy lol

The first time, I did View A.

This time I did View B
... like i said i would in that post lol

I used this green/brown/black sweater knit that I got from Fabric Mart.
As soon as I got it in the mail I knew that I was going to be making this with it.
It is very very lightweight though so it definitely isn't the best fabric to use for this pattern but I wanted it to be this shirt... so yea lol

It has 4 way stretch which made it a bit of a pain to hem. I was trying to do the serge/fold narrow hem that I've been overusing after reading Andrea's post but that ended up just stretching out the neck, sleeves and the hem.

It's not that bad of a thing though.
My love is focused more on the drape in the back than anything.
Sidenote: I'm 89% sure I sewed the yoke wrong on this because I didn't really understand the instructions for that part, but i don't think anyone notices.

I made this up mostly on my serger (aside from the yoke and the last part of the hem)
It was very quick compared to the last time because I cut out the 10 instead of the 14 which meant i didn't have to do all of the fitting adjustments like last time.
The shirt is not lopsided, I was walking :-)

All in all, i love it.
I'm glad that the tops look and feel completely different from each other.
I think it'd be a great swimsuit cover up and I plan on taking it on vacation with me for my birthday.
You know for the times where you don't ACTUALLY plan on getting wet but still wanna be cute and classy laying on the beach? yea, like that.

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Tell me what you think!
See you in the next post!
comment and stuff! *pops gum*

xoxo, Tasha


  1. Very cute top. It looks great on you.

  2. Love your top. It looks effortlessly amazing.

  3. Anonymous5/30/2014

    I also made this your 3/4 sleeves!!!! :-)

    1. Oh yea! I forgot to mention those in the post hahaha good eye!

  4. Great choice of fabric and the style is so unique. It looks really cute on you.

  5. I love that top! It looks comfortable and very flattering. Good job!

  6. I love this top! I'm going to have to pick this pattern up at the next sale...


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