Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine High-Waist Pencil Skirt

Hi :-)
So with  my new found love for sewing, I decided to make something to wear for Valentine's Day!
 **sorry for the quality of the pics.. lighting was terrible and made errrrythang blurry lol
sn: I didn't actually WEAR it on Valentine's Day lol but that was my original intention.
This skirt is actually the same as the high-waist pencil skirt that I made.
This time I used a bright red ponte roma fabric that I got from Hancock Fabrics.
It's sooo beautiful! I want it in every color lol
This time I used the pocket pattern that was included with the tutorial.

And I didn't have to add seam allowance to the pattern this time because the ponte roma is a double knit so it stretches alot.
I actually had to use negative ease this time around which I thought was odd.. but whatever lol.
I ended up getting a zipper that was too short that I THOUGHT would work for the intended purposes but it ended up making the zipper in the back way too exposed... but it's supposed to be invisible lol
One of my next investments will DEFINITELY be an invisible zipper foot. I know it will be worth it.

And I ended up making this skirt wayyy longer than I planned.
I didn't write down the length measurement and ended up using the wrong one lol
I got too lazy to cut it and made a huge folded hem lol
I'll cut it one of these days... I just don't feel like it yet.
you can see imprints of the hem in this pic
Anyway, I absolutely ADORE this skirt.
Even with all of the mistakes I made.

You sew and you learn :-)

Things I've Learned
I keep getting ahead of myself lol
I topstitched and attached the pockets incorrectly because I was soooo pressed to use my 1/4"presser foot lol.
Now there are two rows of topstitching on the bottom of the pocket when there should only be one.
And the lines are extra crooked cuz it was late and I was rushing.
I hated it at first but I got over it lol

2. The importance of washing fabric before you sew it.
So apparently you're supposed to wash your fabric how you plan on washing it after you make it BEFORE you sew it up.
So that in case the fabric is one that shrinks or fades, it doesn't shrink on you AFTER you've made it to your measurements lol
Makes complete sense. I just hadn't thought about :-)

Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you think
See you in the next post!
comment and stuff! *hair flip*

xoxo, Tasha


  1. What a great skirt. Love the color, love the pockets. Great job. :)

  2. That skirt looks fantastic on you…love the bright pop of red! Oh yes, washing your fabric first is very important. I have had to trash some projects in my early days of sewing because I didn't think I needed to wash it. Wrong! Very frustrating to sew something up and then only be able to wear it once.

    1. Thanks, Stacy! I hope I don't have to see that day lol


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