Thursday, January 9, 2014

Infinity & Beyond

So this is tardy.. but .. so lol
This year (or "last" year) for Christmas,
My family decided to do Secret Santa instead of buying a plethora of gifts for all these people lol

I pulled my cousin Julisa and I immediately knew what I wanted to make.
I knew that she loved animal print but that her favorite color combo is black in white lol

animal + black + white = PANDA
...but I chose Zebra print lol
Fabric found here.

I decided to make her an Infinity scarf and some Ear-warmers!

I found out how to make the infinity scarf from THIS video on Youtube.
(sn: If you want to learn something and you haven't searched how-to on YouTube, you aren't making good use of your resources lol)

I didn't/couldn't take pictures of the whole process because, I was making them on Christmas Day....
and it was a Christmas gift lol
So I was rushing :-)

But you can see the process from the video.
I followed the instructions exactly.

I made the ear-warmers from whatever I made up in my mind. lol
I saw a girl in some store wearing a style that I liked and I figured out how to sew it together.
I also wanted to add some silk/satin lining inside of them keep her hair semi-protected.
I got the satin out of this dress that has been a project-on-hold #justwaitonit

Doesn't she look so happy? :-D
sn: The scarf looks kind of thin in this pic but it was just twisted.  It wraps around her neck twice and it completely covers her neck.

Tell me what you think!

See you in the next post!

Christmas Day w/ one of my favorite cousins :-)
xoxo, Tasha


  1. It came out beautifully! You should really think about starting a side business with all your craftiness :)


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