Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Transitional Sweater Weather | Simplicity 8465

It's May in the DMV and one weekend it's 85 degrees and we're wearing shorts and tube tops and then 3 days later, it's 59 degrees and I'm in a matching sweatsuit! The weather is so bipolar this time of year that it really helps to have some functional transitional pieces in your closet to look cute but still fit the environment. One Friday night, motivation and inspiration hit me at the same time and I came out a few hours later with this beauty!

This is Simplicity 8465 (OOP) in a size Medium.

This sweater is made from a Red Telio Topaz Hatchi Knit from I made a whole post about this fabric (that I bought in multiple colors) and how it is one of my favorite knits to wear. This fabric is super breathable but still adds a level of warmth to the body. It's very light ad has lots of body.

As I mentioned above, I made the Medium in this pattern but it feels like the sweater is more oversized than I anticipated. I don't have an issue with it, but it's something to point out. A pro about that is that the sleeve length on this thing is LONG. I usually have to add an inch and a half to my sleeves on most patterns but this one goes all the way to my fingers with no length added.

The sleeves do feel a bit wide, though, so I don't think it would be a problem if you went a size down on this pattern.

Speaking of the sleeves, the pattern has a small thumbhole on the sleeves that you see in a lot of fitness/sports gear and I thought it was a cute touch to this pattern. Especially if you make it in a thicker fabric specifically for winter, it would be a super helpful feature for warmth.

The back of this pattern is LOOSE! I actually had to freehand two very long fisheye darts on the back to make it more fitting to the body. I don't have any before pictures, but I did put a short Reel on my Instagram of how I did it. Check it out!

I love how comfy this sweater is and I've already worn it more than once! I can be styled in so many different ways which makes it an awesome addition to my closet.

I'm continuing to move when inspiration hits, so hopefully, I'm back soon with something new! If you're still reading this space, you are appreciated!


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