Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! | McCall's 7243

Merry Christmas, Friends! Here's to hopes that you are able to spend the holiday around people that you love and enjoy... and if that is not the case or possibility, I am hoping that you are able to find peace and gratitude in whatever situation you are in. The holidays are not the easiest times this year (for myself included), but I'm praying things will soon get better.

Today I am bringing to you McCall's 7243 (OOP), View B, in a size 12.

I bought this fabric on my trip to Belgium last year from a store called Veritas in Antwerp. It's a white metallic textured sweater knit. The fabric very stable... so stable, in fact, it was a task trying to pull this dress on without a zipper lol. You can see the other fabrics I bought on that trip here.

The pattern was a pretty simple sew. I did it in one evening, and that's saying a lot because I am such a slow sewer. The instructions were pretty good and the dress was very straight-forward but it still makes a big impact!

The only real issue I have with the dress is that I decided NOT to make the swayback adjustment I KNEW that I was going to need *rolls eyes*. I also could have lengthened the dress about 2 inches to hit my hem sweet spot, but I don't mind it being a little short. It gives the dress some edge lol

Also, at the front "wrap", it won't lay completely flat. I think it's because I probably need an FBA in this dress (mainly because of the fabric).

I really wanted to search store high and low for a Santa hat that would match the luxe that this dress was exuding, but after putting all the scraps away, I had an epiphany! I had so red velvet in my stash and more than enough knit scraps, and I decided I would go to YouTube University to find out how to make a Santa hat. 

I used THIS tutorial and decreased the size of the white band by about 2 inches. I also had to decrease the diameter of the "puff" by quite a bit because it was way too large in proportion to my head and hat. Plus the fabric was a bit stiff and it just looked weird lol.

Also, you've probably noticed my Dressform Christmas Tree behind me. This is my second year decorating it and I like that I can switch it up every time! If you want to see my tutorial on making this tree, you can watch my tutorial.

Overall, this look came together EXACTLY how I envisioned it would! Turns out, in the DMV it's snowing today, so I am going to make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this white Christmas!

See you soon!

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