Friday, November 25, 2016

15. Nostalgia - Linen Floral Skirt | #sew16in2016

Keeping on track with my seasonal plans (even though it's 40 degrees while I'm typing this) and #sew16in2016, I got a chance to make up a skirt that was inspired by a picture that I saw on Instagram in January 2015! The "Nostalgia" category for the Sew '16 challenge is to "Look back through your old sewing notes, doodles or pinned ideas. Pick one of the earliest ideas and make it happen" .I have a "sewing inspiration" folder on Dropbox and this picture may be one of the first ones I ever took a screenshot of to mimic later.

Check out Me:


My Inspiration:

What I loved about this look was the black trim around all of the edges! It really makes the skirt pop! I liked the flowers and the shape of the skirt as well. I was having a hard time finding a pattern in my stash that would accommodate my narrow fabric so after going back and forth for a while, I remembered I had a nice shaped plain brown skirt in my closet from who knows when. It didn't have a waistband but I figured I could just draft one up and be fine. I traced the skirt onto some brown tracing paper and added seam allowances and *wallah!*. What made it easy is that the front and back were identical. I did draft a waistband as well, but after attaching it, I didn't like how high the skirt was sitting on my waist so I ripped it off and kept on moving without one.

This fabric is a mystery linen that I got in Panama back in 2014. I say "mystery" because although it wrinkles like normal linen and expands like normal line, it does not take well to an iron. I had to use a silk organza press cloth to press it so I assume it must have some type of polyester in it as well. For the lining, I used a remnant of black "Pali Costume Satin" that I had in the stash from JoAnns.

The black trim on the top edge of the skirt is black store-bought piping. I sandwiched the piping between the main fabric and the lining and machine-stitched everything down. Then understitched the lining. 

The trim on the bottom is black store-bought quarter inch bias binding. I basically used it to hem the dress.

I really wanted that flare shape from the inspiration pic, so I used horsehair braid I got from Hancock Fabrics in Atlanta (right before they went under) in (and to hem) the lining. I stitched it to the right side of the hem and then fold it all the way inside. I stitched it down again to hold. It doesn't stick out quite like the inspiration but I'm completely fine with that because I wouldn't wear a skirt like that in my everyday life.

I sewed in a gold-toothed zipper to match the fabric. Didn't use any special technique, just did it lol. I did hand-stitch the lining to the zipper tape on the inside to keep it clean though.

That's all I really have to say about this skirt! I think it says a lot on it's own lol. I love it and I am excited to fly through this winter so I can actually have a chance to wear it out. The day we took these photos, the temperature was 70 degrees after a week of 50s and low 60s! Then the next day went back down to the 50s haha.

Do you make a lot of your clothes with inspiration from social media? Let me know down below!

Be back soon!
xoxo, Tasha

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