Monday, August 15, 2016

Say 'Hello!" to my little friend!

Hey folks! I'm back from an amazing vacation in Myrtle Beach and I took the opportunity to take some pics of my new skirt on the beach but that's not what this post is about lol. For my birthday, my mom bought me something that's sure to elevate my sewing to the next level <3 She bought me a dressform from The Shop Company!

I got a size 12, Professional female dress form with collapsible shoulders! On the site, the size 12 measurements read bust:38, waist:29, and hip:39 (inches). Amazingly, those are my normal measurements! I measured the form when it came and the waist and hip measurements are correct but the bust measurement is only 37.5. And I tried every angle to measure but everything came up to 37.5 max. I'm a little annoyed by that but I can obviously get over it lol. Right now my waist measurement isn't a 29 either, but I will put in the work to get it back to that size lool. More fruit and vegetables for me.

The form was extremely easy to put together and took me like 15 minutes. I tested out sticking pins in it but it is not directly pinnable. You have to put the pins in at an angle but that still does the job. I really like that the shoulders collapse. It definitely helps when we're playing dress up!

Speaking of dress up!! lol You know I had to put all types of clothes on her! I love how perfectly my Mad Men dress looks on the form. It's so perfect. 

My Davina/Lindy mashup looks great too but I'll admit it is looser on the form than it is on me. I love looking at her dressed though. It makes me feel good :-D

I basically keep the form at my height exactly and I've noticed that those 3 black rings around the "cage" are indicators of skirt lengths! The more I dressed her up I saw that my favorite skirt length is at the second ring. The first ring is what would be "mini" on me and the third is a weird calf length lol. I felt like that was a cool discovery.

Anywho, I'm very excited to see how much more accurately I'll be able to measure and sew now that I don't have to try to tissue fit myself. I know I probably left something important out so if you have any questions, let me know down in the comments! And I'll leave you with a sneak preview of what's coming this week ;-)

What say you? Do you have a dressform? What kind(s)? What other ways has it helped you in your sewing? Let me know!

See you soon!
xoxo, Tasha

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