Monday, December 22, 2014

My Singer is finally in tune!

You see what I did there? lol

YES! I FINALLY took my vintage Singer to the shop to get it cleaned and tuned up and now it is ready!
To be honest, when it was given to me, I didn't even really explore what was in the box. Not the original box. The box full of dust and cobwebs that was reused to house the sewing machine and it's bits and pieces. I never even plugged it in to see if it works because of all of the dust. I'm a little bougie lol I decided when I found a shop to take it to, they would deal with all of that lol.

Anway, this Singer 5528 was gifted to me by my mother. It has 6 different stitches and 4 more for creating buttonholes. All metal everything, this joint ways like fifty-eleven pounds forreal.

In the box came this cute little holder of feet and notions. I opened it up to find majority of the things that the manual says is supposed to come with it. sn: I downloaded the manual from the internet.

There was a thimble, a seam gauge, a darning foot, an adjustable zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, a straight stitch foot and a plastic needle plate. The universal needle plate and foot were already on the machine.

I decided to buy the low shank snap-on presser feet set from SewingPartsOnline so that I could be fancy. It came with a zig zag foot, a straight stitch foot, hemmer foot, overcasting foot,  a blind stitch foot, a zipper foot a buttonhole foot, a quilting guide, the low shank attachment, a cording foot, a button foot and a seam ripper (not pictured)

free arm sewing capabilites.
I'm so excited to have multiple machines to use!! When I work on jeans in January, I plan on using this one for topstitching and using my Brother machine for all of the basic construction. I tell ya, the learning never ends with this hobby :-D

Oh, and my UFO progress is going good too lol. I've already knocked out 2 and I'm currently working on the third. I'm also working on my Christmas dress lol I know Christmas is in 2 days but I should be good. I'm praying that it comes out the way I envision! I'll be back AFTER Christmas! Have a Merry Christmas!!! :-*



  1. So cool!! Having two machine will make sewing jeans so much easier! Yay!

  2. Congratulations it's like having a new machine! Merry Christmas to you too and will see you after Christmas

  3. Awww cool!...I just got a "new" Singer too; but it has to be serviced....I got an initial opinion but I felt it was too expensive so I have another person going to fix it up for me....I cant wait either because it really does a buncha stuff my other machines dont do....:)

  4. I have this exact same machine which I inherited from my Grandma when she passed in 1999. It's a solidly built machine and although I'm considering purchasing a new one with more stitch capability - specifically, embroidery - I will be holding on to this baby. I hope you enjoy using yours as much as I have.


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