Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birthday Recap! - DR 2014

Sooo my birthday was almost 3 weeks ago and I spent it in the Dominican Republic with 4 of my cousins and one of my best friends!
I turned 24 :-)

None of us had ever been to the Dominican Republic so it was a new experience for all of us.
We stayed at Majestic Colonial, an all-inclusive resort.

It was so much fun! I love interacting with people at all-inclusives!
As soon as they know you speak the language they immediately treat you like your their best friend lol!

Before I do this photo/video dump, I just want to thank everyone that wished me "Happy Birthday", bought me a gift, a card or helped celebrate!
I love y'all man! *sheds single tear*

Okay, on to the trip!
I know I said I don't use heat on my hair.
This is the first time I've used heat since Dec. 2012
I needed to a protective style for the trip so I got my hair blown out for Goddess Braids

the four of us that came from DC.. the other two came from NY

the hotel room towel art <3


#foe = family over everything

ready for dinner on my birthday

before our excursion

The excursion guide, Jose. I think he was showing me his wife
In Bavaro at the starting point of the excursion

It smiles just like me!

learning how they make cigars in the DR

i got to roll one!


My horse, Santiago

Jose's wife made a regular Dominican lunch
Squash soup

rice and beans, chicken, cole slaw, and dominican spaghetti

My birthday dance lol

We went zip lining over a lake
Jose crushing cocoa beans

Showing us the cacao fruit

grinding the cocoa beans from the cacao with raw sugar



before dinner


The next day I went on a Catamaran cruise with my cousins from NY
Some of the photos from the cruise were taken by the photographer on the cruise.. my Samsung is good but not THAT good lol

swimming with the fishies

but as soon as i want a pic, they want to swim away smh



Singing happy birthday to me loool

where's Leonardo??


the last night :-(
The last day I took a zillion pics of the resort because I forgot to when I got there lol 

with Victor, in charge of the activities crew lol

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
See you in the next post (which should def be this week)

xoxo, Tasha


  1. whoah! happy birthday goddess, that must've been SOOO much fun!

    (hahahaha my word verification was "epic")

    1. It absolutely was! and I rigged it that way ;-) lol

  2. What a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing -- it makes me jealous! :)

    1. Thanks for reading! a noooo lol no jealous!

  3. Great pictures. Looks like you had a great time!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was a lot of fun.

  5. Anonymous8/03/2014

    Happy Belated Bday. I was outta town and had limited internet access :-). Cute skirt. I know very little Espanol. :-). Took it in Jr (that's what it was called back then) and one year of senior high, but didn't keep it up. Are you fluent? :-)


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