Thursday, June 12, 2014

Panama Carnavales 2014

Que Sopa?!

Okay, so I know this post is SUPER late because I went to Panama in March and it's now June lol

My maternal family is Panamanian so I've pretty much been raised in the culture.
I actually lived in Panama for a brief time and went to school there as well.
I found my old school registration card
So Panama holds a huge place in my heart.
I went to Carnaval this year with a large amount of family and had and AMAZING time.
Weather in the 90's, awesome food, music everywhere, sandy beaches, nonstop dancing!
So far one of the greatest times I've had this year.

These are some of the highlights of my trip.
disclaimer: I don't have THAT many pics because I was too busy having fun and forgot lol sorry.

hey ya'll!
My mom and my grandpa
Some of us stayed in the city during carnaval so we would be close to everything while others stayed with family
This is my uncle's bar.... in his BACKYARD
Me, my cousins and my friend

Me, my parents and my grandpa!

We celebrated FOUR birthdays in 1 week!
I only got to document 2 of the three celebrations

Wesley & Julisa :-)

My dad's celebration

The Panama Canal
This was actually my first time going.. well that I can remember anyway.
It's pretty much one HUGE museum but they do show a ship coming through the canal at some point and how it all works. It is actually very very interesting.

Canal selfie.. or #usie
The view of the city from the Causeway

El Culeco
Well pretty much it's an outdoor concert with huge water tanks lined up on the outside of it spraying people in the crowd with water lol.
The water is actually necessary because it's SO hot outside but all of the other stuff people in the crowd are slinging and shooting out of water guns is unnecessary lol

While I was searching for a link to give you better information on exactly what the Culeco was, I found this link that pretty much summed up my carnaval experience completely LOL
Even the part about missing the parades! *sheds tear*

But we did spend a lot of time at La Cinta Costera where most of the stuff during Carnaval goes down.. in the city anyway.

Oh! and my cousin is Scaredem Fish!
yes my REAL cousin, not a play cousin lol
We completely missed him performing in the City because we were at the Canal for too long :-)

After Carnaval was over we stayed at Royal Decameron for a couple of days. (which felt like a week lol)

The day before we left, I HAD to stop by some fabric stores because I knew how inexpensive everything is in Panama and textiles would have to be the same, right?

...wrong lol
Most of the fabric is basically the same prices as it is here.
i did get some stretch denim, green corduroy and a good amount of linens though.
AND some fabric to make pollera tops.
What's a Pollera you ask?
It's the national costume of Panama
When I do make them, of course they will be on here :-)

I also got the floral fabric and lining that I used for the dress in my tribute post.

Where I mostly got my money's worth, though, is in the notions department!
I got zippers in every color, size, and style that I could.

Every garment that I've made with a zipper (except for ONE) is a zipper from this stash

I also bought gems in every color and style so that I could do some bedazzling lol

10, 12, and 14 mm elastics plus 5 yards of the wide black elastic

A multitude of closures.

A good number of serger threads and one of each a number of colors of polyester thread.

Would you believe me if I told you I got all of it for less than $120, or nah?

I'm so lucky to have been able to travel together with so much of my family and it is something I am going to cherish forever.

Have you ever been to Panama?? What was your experience?

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!
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xoxo, Tasha
At a dance my aunt and her friends threw at The RIU


  1. Its looks like you had a fun time. I knew I liked you. My daughter is part Panamanian (on her dad's side). :-)

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. You hair is every single thing!!! Oh my word!!!!!! You racked up on some notions. Those zippers tho!!!!! You know how much those bad boys cost here in the States.....I don't blame you. would have bought out the entire store too. LOL.

    1. LOL @ "every single thing" hahaha
      Yea and the price of zippers here is RIDICULOUS! My cousin already told me he would send me more when i start to run out so I won't have to suffer here lol

    2. Talk about the hookup. I'm jealous. :-)

  3. I am glad you had a fabulous time in my country. Carnival is a fun time in the country. Fabrics are very expensive. Next time go to the fabric stores in Calidonia, you will find fabrics for $1.99/yd. There is an outdoor mall near the airport with two fabrics stores, you can also find fabrics for $2-3/yd.


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