Monday, August 5, 2013

Skinny Business

You ever buy two of the exact same pants in completely different sizes and not know it?

Yea me too! lol

I actually have not the SLIGHTEST idea of how I ended up with a size 6 and a size 10 of the same EXACT pants.

And it's funny because I remember hating to wear them (when I was bigger) because I remembered that they always rode up and were high-water (obviously the size 6)
But then there were times that that just didn't happen... ?
Like... what was I even thinking to have not noticed that for at least 2 years?!

Now I fit the size 6 and the size 10 fits the way I showed you in my earlier post about them.
Here's a quick reminder:

So I'm going to keep the size 6 pair as regular wide-legged trousers and tailor the size 10 in to skinny jeans pants.

Everything I needed.

I put the pants on inside out so that I could pin them to my body

I carefully removed the pants with the pins still in it

I used the fabric pen to draw a line for me to sew on by tracing the pins

first attempt

After trying on the pants and re-pinning them again, I retraced another line and sewed over that one.  That actually happened one more time after this one.

Finished back

Pretty satisfied

I then cut off all of the excess fabric of the pants

AFTER cutting off the fabric, I felt like I should have reinforced the pants with a zig-zaggish like stitch (#29)

To do stitch #29, I had to change the presser foot on the machine from the "J" foot to the "N" foot

The button was also missing from the inside of the pants so I made a mark with the fabric pen where the button should go

I hand sewed the button on to the pants


My Clyde advised me to cuff the bottom of the pants

Thanks for reading!!
Tell me what you think!

Thanks to Clyde and Toya for taking pics!

See you in the next post!
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xoxo, Tasha


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