Wednesday, January 28, 2015

UFO game on FLEEK! - Simplicity 1364

Well hellllooooooooo, everybody! It's been a few weeks! I was sick for a couple then my mind went into sewing overdrive lol. I've been sewing and cutting patterns and cutting fabric like it's my job! lol Which is obviously a good thing because that means I have things to share!

So, UPDATE: I did finish all 5 unselfish UFO's before I started working on anything for myself! HOLLA! I don't have pics of the jeans for mom or the curtains for the lovely lady but I have pics of the blanket and the shirt and dress I made for my mother!
the baby LOVED the blanket

See&Sew 5203
First time using my walking foot. I think I did pretty good. The pic is taken from the side so some of them seem like they don't match... they do lol
what a nice narrow hem
Self-drafted. The skirt fabric is heavy so the dress gets weighed down on a hanger. Now she can be twinsies with me!!

The dress and shirt got done in January... sue me lol The important things is they got done. And I have been able to be selfishly productive with a clear conscious lol

The first thing I have to share for 2015 is a UFO that I had from AUGUST when I was supposed to be participating in this blogger hop for the Needles&Fashion group....Yea, never happened smh. Fortunately for me, I got a kick in the butt when sewcialists said the theme for January was dots! I think my shirt looks kind of cow-y but I don't actually think it's cow fabric lol. It looks like dots to me. Albeit wonky dots, but dots nonetheless! Just let me be great lol

This top is Simplicity 1364, a re-released vintage pattern from Simplicity. I cut a size 12 in the bust area and graded down to a size 10 in the waist and below.

The fabric is this VERY nice feeling silk of some sort. I have no idea what kind of silk but I know that it is. It feels very luxurious. It's from Hancock's and I got it before I realized that I should be recording what kind of fabric I buy lol I only had 1 yard of it. but they way that they cut it, I had less than that smh. I managed to squeeze the pieces out though.

I managed to get a couple new techniques in making this top. I learned how to do a proper lapped zipper and it came out wonderfully. I attribute that to the fabric glue stick that I had sitting in my supplies but have been too scared to use... for MONTHS. It did the job, though, and I'm no longer scared of it lol.

I also finally did bias-bound armholes. I used pink bias tape that I had in my stash because I didn't feel like buying anything  and between the pink and red, I figured pink would show through less. Fortunately it doesn't show through at all. They didn't come out so great though. I had a LOT of puckering. I don't know if I needed to clip around the armholes or what but I'll have to figure it out for next time. Any tips??

I french-seamed the side seams because the fabric was so delicate.  Anyway, this shirt is a wadder for Let me count the ways....
1. It's too short. Every time I lift my arms at all, the top rises up. Very annoying.

2. The bust point is wayy to high. And I believe that is the reason that there is excess fabric above my bust. Which in turn is also causing slight gape-age.

3. The armholes are wayyyy to high. They were just irritating my underarm. Which in turn was irritating me.

4. There is a pool of fabric at the lower back. Obviously I needed some type of swayback adjustment. But I wasn't going back to do that after perfectly inserting that lapped zipper. Nope. Not me.

I'm probably never going to where this shirt again. It's very unfortunate for me because I think I did such a good job on it construction-wise lool. You win some, you lose some. I will be gifting this to someone. Don't know who yet though.

Well my next few posts will hopefully turn into keepers lol I have a UFO from November that I pretty much finished but I don't like it. And I refuse for it to become a wadder so I already know what I need to do to fix it. That should be done soon! I also cut out some fabric to make some ginger jeans this weekend so hopefully that doesn't turn into a fail lool Wish me luck!

xoxo, Tasha


  1. You make so many beauties, of course one or two will be a wadder. Yay for the zipper! I should get some of that fabric adhesive.

    1. Thanks, Helena! of course I forgot to add the picture of it lol
      and that fabric glue came in in clutch!

  2. Too bad you won't be able to keep this top, the fabric choice is amazing! To answer your question about the arm holes, your assumption on how to fix the puckering is correct. Also, I find that self made bias tape is much better quality than what you buy. I cut nearly all of my scraps into bias strips and keep a nice selection on hand for quick finishing.

    1. Thank you!. I have some remnants that I don't know what to do with that I was thinking about just making bias tape out of. I'm a little nervous because I've never done it before but that hasn't stopped me yet! ;-)

  3. yeah I think you should maybe clip the armholes when binding them - even if it doesn't help in the end it certainly wont hinder... I do like the top though, it looks like it drapes well and the print is really lovely :-)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I also have a craftsy class on bindings that I think I need to review lol

  4. Very cute doll! I want to see the stripe dress on you, I bet it will look cute with some knee boots.

    1. That's the shirt I made for my mom lol thanks, Donna.

  5. The see&sew is fantastic such a pop piece with that fabric! Too bad you are dissatisfied with the animalier print top - loving the pink binding especially because you can’s see it - it’s like a cool secret.;)

    1. I loved that about the binding too!! If I don't find someone to give the top to, I might take it out and reuse it lol

  6. Love the shirt and the dresses and prettty much everything you make! Laughed out loud at 'cow-y' :D -took me a minute to figure that one out LOL

  7. Even if it is a wadder -- you did fab. To prevent wrinkling with bias binding, I go slow and I trim the inside so there is not a lot of fabric.


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